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ACA500Plus and Auxiliary CF Card problem ?


I received my ACA500+ yesterday, thanks Jens

I have a question, is it a normal behaviour ?

When I power up my A500 (with the Aux. CF card inserted), I select F1 in the ACA500+ menu, OS 3.1 boots normally and my Aux. CF card is well recognized.

Then if I reset the computer, the A500 reboots but the led of the Aux. CF Card reader stays on and the screen remains black. Nothing happens...

Did the new ACA500+ users experience the same thing ?
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Old 09 January 2017, 08:15   #2
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I haven't experienced that behavior. Although the card that I have in AUX cannot be used to boot from. In Boot, it is recognized by HDToolbox, but I cannot format it. When I use it in the Boot, the A500 just keeps rebooting. With another card it works fine.
Frustrating, but like the description says, just try another card. Although "just" is not that simple when CF cards are getting a little sparse.
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Old 09 January 2017, 09:39   #3
Toni Wilen
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Does the card start working (and booting continues) if you remove it, wait few seconds and then re-insert it again? (ACA500plus AUX slot supports hot swapping)

btw, "Cannot format" does not really help troubleshooting.
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Old 09 January 2017, 10:20   #4
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I'm sorry that I rambled on about my own experience. I thought i would provide an example about a different kind of strange behavior with probably a different brand CF card.

Just ignore everything but the first sentence that answers the OP's question.
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I haven't experienced any issues with the ACA500plus so far. It behaves properly with both CF cards inserted and does a soft and hard reset as it should. I only had an afternoons play so far on my rev 6a with 1/2 meg upgrade mapped as 1mb chip ram, 3.1 rom and WB 3.1 running. I haven't enabled full speed on the card yet though
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What is the capacity of your CF AUX card ?

Today I bought a brand new 8GB card and it doesn't work either...
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Old 03 February 2017, 20:45   #7
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I've used a 1GB and 4GB card in the aux slot.
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Old 04 February 2017, 01:32   #8
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I use a 32gb sandisk card in the aux slot just fine.
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