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Dr. Dude
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Hooooo Decapping custom chips?

Has anyone tryed to decap any of the migy custom chips? Just to figure out how it works?

i know this probably will bounce against a few copyright thingy's.
But these chips are long gone from production, and probably will never do so again.

I have been with the idea to rebuild a 4000.
new pcb disign that removes some old tech and add's newer one.

If i use the current chip setup in a 4000 and just add the extra stuf, its no problem, and it works.
But thats not really my intention. My goal is to put down a board that has brandnew fresh out of the box chips.
its a long haul, but possible.

Even if the old copyright bla bla prevents true production of a few of these boards.
It still would be a amazing thrill to get it done
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Old 06 March 2016, 00:49   #2
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so decap, ablate all layers and draw them out, then create a model from that to synthesize and fab new ASIC's? Or what is your plan?

Dear lord, have you checked your tap water supply?
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In today's episode of "Amiga fan fiction"...
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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Well, if he has the knowledge...... and the specialized tool ......
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Dr. Dude
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*sigh* Always the "nice" responces

I have seen people decap ic's on the web, and it does not take that many tools to decap.
Guess i have to scrounce up a ton of customs and have a go.
Anyone that has already took a shot at decaping? feel free to give some pointers.
Anyway, decaping is not the biggest prob, getting a mircoscope that can zoom in enough is.

dear borg, yes my water tasted funny, stop playing with your nanoprobes.
dear sir Akira, it may sound as fiction, and with commend like that it Always will be. I know this never has been done before, doesn't mean it can become reality
Mr Silver, the tools would be the prob yeah, the knowledge? Always in to learn
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Lord Aga
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Well, I'm always up for crazy schemes so I'll support you
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Old 06 March 2016, 09:16   #7
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Well, better start reading how much effort Visual6502 took. And thats a very simple chip done by very very competent people.
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Old 06 March 2016, 11:36   #8
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It is not impossible to decap at home. A friend of mine has done loads of SID chips.

Getting the microphotos and working on the layers in photoshop is the difficult and time intensive process.
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Old 06 March 2016, 12:24   #9
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The visual6502 guys already have them in their to do list. http://visual6502.org/wiki/index.php...our_collection
It is just matter of donate enough money. Some people here already suggested a crow founding campaign but nothing emerged.
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