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Jelly Bean
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New to winAUE & need help loading games.

Ok. Here's a problem you guys have probably heard before. i will keep it simple & no doubt wil get a simple answer.....

I am using the latest winAUE ordered from Amigaforever. I can get no more than one or two games to load from my ADF collection! I used to own & still do own several amigas back in the UK, but it has been years since I used one. Is it a case that I have to play arround with the settngs & get the correct configuration for each game (regarding chipset & ram options) or is winAUE just very poor at what it does.

Does anyone have any links that could help me resolve game loading issues?
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Workbitch 1.3

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Well you could be more specific and tell us which games you are trying to run. Usually you only have to change settings to suit the target machine you are trying to emulate and use the correct kickstart. The quickstart configuration section is usually sufficiant for most games.
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Originally Posted by Jelly Bean
or is winAUE just very poor at what it does.
WinUAE is absoluetely awesome at what it does

I would say your issue is with AmigaForever. I think it doesn't ship with the latest version of WinUAE. Get this from http://www.winuae.net/

As for configurations, usually the Quickstart's setup by Toni Wilen (the WinUAE maintainer) will run most games. Just make sure you have the required Kickstart roms...
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Toni Wilen
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I guess you are trying to run A500-compatible games? Use Quickstart A500-configuration and they will most likely work (if the images are not corrupted)
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Jelly Bean
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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
Well you could be more specific and tell us which games you are trying to run.
Pretty much most of the games I try, ghouls n' ghosts, pinball phantasies, dungeon master...etc. I have about 40 games & have only been able to get around two to work out of all of them!

I used to know a fair bit about the Amiga & i'm a tech/network engineer by trade, so I am not daft...lol. I just don't see how so many games don't respond, even with different configs.

I'll try to download the above advice & get back to you guys if you don't mind helping me some more.

Thanks for the help so far guys.

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