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Warlords / King's Bounty

These two games makes my day, yes, they still do!
I have been playing Warlords with a friends for FAR to
many hours the last 24 hours. It's so much FUN!

One thing that is bothering me is that I can't get King's Bounty to run properly on my A1200/060, has anyone made it
run correctly on an AGA machine? How? Is there a fix/hd version out there somewhere?

And last, but not least important, are there any similiar games for the Amiga?

Oh, that's right, is there a HD version of Warlords anywhere? I can't get it to accept my assigns, it still asks for the disks. :/ Playing from floppy now!
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Try Heroes of Might and Magic III on PC (or mac?) if you haven't already. King's Bounty is "Heroes 0", the one before Heroes 1.
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Location: sweden
Age: 42
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Oh. I don't have a PC, a1200 and AmigaOne over here yes sire. I meant good alternatives for Amiga, or maybe SNES or Playstation 1/2 as I own those machines too. Hehe. Talking about machines, my most precious one must be mentioned too, my JK arcade cabinette. Well.. enough about that..
I found another version of Warlords that had an installer, just as i remembered it. It must have been removed from the first one I had. I have Warlords version 2.03 now, but there is a 2.04 version out there somewhere, does anyone have it? Could someone put it up in the zone maybe? It is not in TOSEC btw.

Oh. And kingsbounty would kick ass WHDified btw. Maybe I should buy it and send it to the WHD guys. Just gotta find a working copy somewhere.. hmmm...
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