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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
I like the way you think.
I'd always prefer less polygons to run smother, then hi poly game that crawls.
Also, making something in less polygons that have nice design, is challenging, but could look very unique and artistic.
I'm glad I'm not the only one!

While I certainly acquired skills to create anorganic (e.g. objects, no animals/people) 3D meshes, I don't possess the drawing/design skills that could be described as artistic.

Luckilly, in the realistic 3D environment, the artistic skills are not really needed (unless you aim for stylized/angled look).

As for the HiPoly games - a great candidate here would be Alien Breed 1-3 for X360/PS3/PC. The camera is really slow, so we might get away with sub-10 fps, which would bring the complexity up significantly.
But that's waaay too much 3D modeling for one guy - I would have to hire some help for such game

But, if the sales warrant it, it's possible.

I'm sure once I release 1-2 games, we could consider some type of kickstarter, where people could choose the type of game. But, that's far in future ...
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Originally Posted by VladR View Post
Surely you aren't attempting to convey the thought that these forums are in any remote way/shape/form rabid ?
The worst I've seen here in 3 months doesn't even get to 5% of what I'm talking about.
Well, i could show you some italian forums where professional trolls used to roam and ready to bomb everything they did not like (ok, had some bad blood too with an incarnation of NG but decided to be adult); then there is the usual bunch of "is not doing justice to the hardware" folks that would like everything to come out at Cinemaware/Factor 5 quality level and those two factions are enough for me to bear

Originally Posted by VladR View Post
It's like a difference between HellRaiser III and Teletubbies. Surely we can all agree that Teletubbies aren't evil by design?
OMG TELETUBBIES NOOOOoooo.... (kidding)
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Originally Posted by VladR View Post
Surely you aren't attempting to convey the thought that these forums are in any remote way/shape/form rabid ?
Go read Amiga.org. It makes your eyes bleed. I guess the usual suspects over there are banned here.
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Well, it was a lot more toxic ten years ago with all that Amiga NG ("red" bs "blue) bullshit going on.
Since that has died down and we are all just enjoying our old miggys again, things are quite smooth sailing..
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