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K - had enough of these old screens....

Right then,

After having two old RGB monitors go wrong on me I've decided to go the LCD TV route.

Having searched previous posts I gather that a TFT tv with an RGB scart input is the way to go. I'm fed up with CRTs tbh - they take up too much room and I'm sure they're not healthy to sit in front of... so no scan-doubler for me (bloody silly price as well)

So basically ... I know what to look out for but was wondering what the scaling was like. Do any of you guys using one of these screens notice anything? I can understand the image needing to be softened but is the image ok apart from that?
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An LCD wont look as good as a CRT, in fact some LCD's will make the Amiga image look absolutely pants, as the LCD makers think nobody wants to use SD (Standard Definition) material on them, let alone a 20 year old computer.

You should stick with a CRT for your Amiga if you possibly can.
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If you get a 4:3 LCD TV you'll be fine. As said it wont be as good as a CRT but it will be pretty good.

Just make sure you get one with a VGA input as well as SCART so that you can connect the Amiga graphics card (should you ever get one).

Oh and always ask when you buy if you are not completely satisfied with the picture quality can you return it (remember not to throw away any of the packaging for a week or two so you can take it back if you like)
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Will do...

Thanks for the help guys
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I agree. I think TFT's are absolutely lifeless, without soul and only good for a PC.

For [insert old computer here] or watching TV it's plasma or CRT all the way! I'll only buy a TFT for this stuff when I have absolutely no choice!
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Heh - I know what you mean P-J, I used to think the same way.

However, I've got my 1200 set up right next to my pc currently running through an old Acorn monitor (I think it's a Phillips like the 1084), and it doesn't compare very well to WinUae with the filters on, etc.

Now I love using the Amiga but the flicker, small display, curved screen, and amount of space it's taking up is starting to get on my nerves which is why I'm thinking of switching.

The Dual screen alexh got looked pretty nice to me although I wish there was a way of it displaying scanlines or something.

I was actually more worried about the screen not scrolling correctly because of the monitor scaling, etc - things like that
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