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Emacs Mode for 68000 assembler


I recently started again to code a bit for the 68k - but definitely want to stick to emacs editor.

I searched on the web, forums etc, but couldn't find an 68000 mode for the editor which works on halfway decent emacs versions (the latest one I found was written on on SunOS - in the days of the SunOS).

"asm-mode" is ok, but lacks all the common keywords from Devpac, treats macros as regular command etc.

Anybody knowing where to get a 68k mode for emacs?

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I looked for one for quite a while, a couple of years ago. Given that emacs dates back so far I thought it would be one of the easy modes to find, but unfortunately not, my Google-fu failed.

In the end I started writing one myself. The syntax highlighting and tabbing is trivial to get going, but I just can't find the original file. I thought I'd checked it into my old git-hub repository, but it's not there. If I find it I'll post it here.

In the meantime, I'd just take the asm mode and go from there. There really aren't many op-codes, and the highlighting is pretty simple for the most part. It should be enough to get you going.
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Thanks for the reply.

I ended writing a derived mode from asm-mode, too. As I always wanted to dig into some elisp it was a good project, too.

I added complete VASM and Devpac keyword, different marking of registers etc as well as some goodies like a function for instantly converting numbers from hex to binary to decimal and back.

The only real thing missing is some extended support for macros (mark the usage of macro calls differently than opcodes).

I clean it up a bit and upload it on github.
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Coming on the WE - need to clear the source a bit first
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I'm insufflating life into this old thread because I'd be interested in trying EMACS on the Amiga.

Which EMACS version are we talking anyway? Apparently the latest is this one:

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