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Old 31 October 2002, 00:24   #1
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DataStorm Permission!

What Nice chaps at Visionary Design , They wandered onto
my website and asked if I had asked permission to have the game datastorm downloadable.
I said I would take it off straight away if requested & mentioned that most companies dont allow it & how I didnt even know they were still in business etc..
Thinking of removing the link just then I got this email read on...
We give our permission for the game to be displayed on your site <blank>...
It is not a problem.

As for our site, well our .Com is down at the moment for a large overhaul,
but we run a mirror site in association with Epic, so take a look at it
as it will tell you about our on-going projects.

The address is....


Let me know what you think.


So I dont know if I'm the first but what the hey you can officially download Datastorm from my site now!....
*shush * just ignore the over stuff there !
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Old 31 October 2002, 16:23   #2
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A nice permission email, what a stunner! Makes a pleasant change from the legal-demand men-in-suit mentality that sadly seems to plague the retro obselete retro-gaming scene.
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Old 31 October 2002, 17:52   #3
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Lets hope more and more companies follow suite
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Old 31 October 2002, 18:15   #4
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I doubt it , Some of them are very warey of the Intellectual Property on these Games. The IP may still be worth something to
someone somewhere , what with all these mobile phone games and GBA & GP32 coming along , we could still see Speedball or the like on them I guess.
The GBA is being deluged with back catalogue games and 'remakes' from older snes/nes titles already !.Some of them should have stayed in the past!.
Those 'big' titles are bound to be like that , Its the other ones that just sit there gathering dust bytes that concern most retro gamers....
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Old 10 November 2002, 08:57   #5
Strange Days
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Datastorm is a Fantastic Defender clone, the best ever IMO
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Old 19 January 2007, 21:38   #6
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Datastorm WHDLOAD from KGs pack crashes on my A1200T. It goes through intro but then hangs as soon as ship appears on screen...

any fixes?
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Old 20 January 2007, 02:24   #7
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Datastorm is indeed a smart Defender clone and it even manages to introduce a number of additions as well.Actually even though it is a clone , it's hard to call it just that as it deserves it's own recognition much like Dropzone as well.Only thing i suppose you can quibble at slightly with Datastorm is the 25 fps - fast action games like this require 50 really but i can understand the technical limitation imposed at the time.
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