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Cool Thanx!

Thanks everyone. I've actually managed to use the AST amiga page to make my first trandfer! Although I'm having a few problems setting up lhA on the amiga, I'm getting there.

If I get woekbench 3.0 would I be able to read pc disks without having to upgrade my 2.0 kickstart chip? Probably will get lha working and be able to use fat95 to read pc disks I suppose.

Cheers for all the help people!
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No, to use Workbench 3 you will need to upgrade your kickstart chip. HOWEVER, all Workbench 3 has is CrossDos in it, so you could just download Cross DOs and use that on any amiga.

What problem you have with LHA? its a self-extracting exe!
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Smile Hunting down crossdos

I've tried a few Amiga coverdisk sites but no luck.

I can use a small program called ADF Sender Terminal to send via my serial cable to amiga, but surely the Amiga reading pc0: would be faster yes?

I think it's because with so many different ways and programs to try that first serial upload, I've not much left of my copy of workbench 1.3 and 2.0. So I'll copy again and try taking my time uploading Transdisk and lha.

If I get stuck again later I'll leave a post.

I just really want my amiga to be able to read pc disks, and was hoping to find a coverdisk of CrossDos or any other program that was an adf image so I could port it straight onto Amiga disk using the ADF Sender Terminal and Transdisk combo.

Anyway thanx! It's good to see the amiga system, games, and feel back in my room again!

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