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Probably Lunar Rescue as they had this at the hospital and I was always there as a child due to horrendous Asthma, was a pretty cool table top version.

I probably played others before that, but this one sticks in the memory the most.
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I can remember playing some racing game, but can't remember the name (this was early childhood and first arcade games). Soon later discovered local arcade with Inviders, Scramble, Galaga, Galaxian and Phoenix. Scramble and Phoenix is what I spent most of my money on...
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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
About Outrun: I fire "Cannonball" on my PC with a force feedback Microsoft steering wheel from time to time. Even better than the arcade.

Nice! Yeah, I know Cannonball. I remember it from way back when

I have a MS FF wheel too, but haven't hooked it up in years (One of the paddles seems to be broken somehow, but is ok otherwise)

I should really include stuff like this in my "to play" list

RE: Arcade games, I remember playing Rampage early on too.
I didn't like it. I think I played it because it was a 10p game, where the other games were more expensive.

Over the years, I mistook Rampart for Rampage, and wondered why people raved about it...

TL;DR: Reading is hard
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between 1978 -1981 there were not saloons full of arcade machines
usually there were places that had only 1 or 2 arcades + or a pair of pinballs

at the begining space invaders and asteroids were the most common in those places and later on Carnival , Phoenix, Scramble,Pac man,galaxian
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Space Invaders cocktail version in a Hotel lobby in Corfu in 1982, all the kids used to meet up and play almost everyday (unless our parents took us sightseeing!)

Purely by accident someone put a 2p coin in the drachma slot and it gave a credit! So all the Brits were hyped and went off to pester their parents if they had any 2p coins with them, yes strangely back then people took both types of money on holiday!

But it was first experience of an arcade game (or any electronic game) at that point so my mind was truly blown!
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Originally Posted by Mikerochip View Post
Nice! Yeah, I know Cannonball. I remember it from way back when
I believe jotd is talking about this Mikerochip: CannonBall - Enhanced Outrun Engine Released
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I suppose the original Space Invaders, Defender, Pac-man, Scramble, Robotron, Frogger, Phoenix, but no idea which was the earliest.

If some of those were from 1978, I remember going on a trip to London from school even earlier than 78, where the hotel we were staying at had a table version of Pong. It was 10p play, so it wasn't an Atari console. Jeez, it was so busy that game every time we got back to the hotel.
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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
I believe jotd is talking about this Mikerochip: CannonBall - Enhanced Outrun Engine Released

Yeah, way back when is 2012, when it was released!

7 years ago...

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I don't remember the first arcade game I played, but the first one I have owned is Taito Arkanoid in an Electrocoin Centi cabinet. :-) I still have the PCB and cabinet.
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The first arcade game I remember playing was the old wireframe Star Wars game
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Big grin

Hard to remember exactly which one was the first I ever played,but when keeping myself amused whilst my parents were tenpin bowling,amongst the first arcade cabinets/sit-downs were ones like Phoenix,Moon Cresta, Green Beret, Galaxians, Monaco GP & Pac Man & Ghosts'Goblins...
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