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Amiga 2000 Resurrection


I recently got nastolgic and decided to dig out my Amigas. I have a A1000 (still with box) and two A2000's. I am focusing on one of the A2000's. Here are the specs:

Rev. 6.2 mobo.
Kickstart 2.04/Workbench 2 Upgraded from 1.2
Microway Flicker Fixer AGA2000
GVP Series II SCSI Controller A2000-HC w/6mb RAM (3.07 ROM)
65 mb hard drive Seagate ST277-N (This thing sounds like a jet engine winding up)
1MB Fat Agnus
Standard Denise
This unit does not have a leaky clock battery (amazing for 15yrs of storage).
Case is very clean and has original mouse and keyboard with no yellowing.

I've started the upgrade process to this machine:
Replace clock battery.
Upgrading to KS 3.1 and WB 3.1

Upgrading SCSI card to 4.15 ROM
  1. What is the maximum usable size for a hard drive? I've read conflicting information of 4.3 and as big as I want.
  2. Can I add and SCSI CD-ROM drive?
Upgrade Denise to Super Denise.

I would like to swap Microway Flicker Fixer for Indivision ECS Flicker Fixer

The Indivision ECS flicker Fixer recommends a Mini Megi/MegAChip upgrade. Those are hard to come by now. Digging around I found a hack called "The Fat A2000". (original article from Amazing Computing - attached) (Expanded text instructions)
  1. Is this mod equivelent to a Mini Megi/MegAChip?
  2. Does the Indivision ECS Flicker Fixer require a clock signal?
At some point I would like to get an accelerator card.
The second A2000 I am going to keep for parts or trade, but here are the specs:
Rev. 6.2 mobo.
Kickstart 1.2/Workbench 1.2
1MB Fat Agnus
Standard Denise
This unit has a leaky battery. Battery has been removed and board cleaned. System still boots.

I will be documenting each step of the process (photos will be included).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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One other thing...I've read that I should replace the capacitors in the power supply because of it's age (can't seem to find the link to that).

True or False?

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It certainly won't do any harm in hardware this old, but may not be strictly necessary either. If the capacitors appear bulged or have leaked, then you absolutely must replace them.
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