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VSync + sound = frame dropping

When I run in 50Hz with vsync without sound I get perfect sync (and I love it !) but as soon as I turn on sound frames are being dropped (to sync video with audio I guess) - is there anything to do about this?

I'm so close to being able to watch all those old demos they way they where intended (with _smooth_ scrolling ...

(and so there is no misunderstanding; my computer is fast enough, it's not that)
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Toni Wilen
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Are you sure your display refresh rate is really 50Hz? Check your monitor's on screen display. (Normally you need powerstrip or similar program to create 50Hz modes or use TV-out)

Does the sound work correctly (except slightly faster due to using NTSC rate) if you use 60Hz?
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You are right, it's was still at 60Hz and explicitly setting it to 60Hz speeds up the sound but makes it sync perfectly.
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It works now with a powerstrip-fixed 50Hz resolution (yay!), but it still looks bad on 100Hz resolution, why is that?

Also, if I select (50Hz) or (100Hz) when running UAE it usually crashes in a bad way... but maybe that's got to do with powerstrip.

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