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roy bates
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well if you send me a pm,i can sort you out with some games if you want
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Originally Posted by Chat Rob 1 View Post
Are they the same type joystick? take them a part and coble 1 out the 2 if they are....

This is the one I recommended

That’s not me selling it by the way

There’s loads of joysticks on EBay.. I’m not sure if the other Sega joysticks (mega Drive etc) work on the Amiga but the one above definitely does and it won’t break in 5 mins like the old quick shot ones did.


Great have ordered it, cheaper than the Amiga ones too!

I will have a look at replacing the micro switches assuming that is the issue on the existing ones too.
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Rob 1
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Originally Posted by chris-red View Post
Great have ordered it, cheaper than the Amiga ones too!

I will have a look at replacing the micro switches assuming that is the issue on the existing ones too.
Great that thing would survive a good battering no problem and another 20 plus years of game play.......
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Emu Amiga
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Originally Posted by chris-red View Post
... And found my old Amiga! it is an A500+. I pulled it down and went through the box and the rush of memories coming back was overwhelming!

I remember spending hours with my Sister playing Bubble Bobble and Shufflepuk Cafe.

I remember the Chaos Engine, Lemmings, Cannon fodder, Monkey Island!

I remember seemingly breaking a joystick every few weeks

Really good times, I was smiling so much going through this old stuff. I plugged it all in and got the familiar sight of the purple screen floppy disc going into the drive.

I inserted a disc into the disc and it started making noise and the drive light came on, the screen went solid purple and looked to be loading a game however then it simply went back to the disc loading screen. I tried another disc and another until, I had probably gone through 20 of them with no joy the same result each time.

I can only conclude either after 20 years either all the discs are fecked or the drive is buggered. I ordered a cleaning kit from Amigakit and am waiting for that to arrive.

I would like to get it running and play some old games, then I wouldn't mind modifying updating it if I can.

Was hoping I can get some advice on A how to fix it and be if there is anything I can to update/upgrade it.

I still have the originally Bill of Sale too for when my dad bought it at a Computer fair in Earls Court November 1991 He got the Super Galactic Pack £399!

Here are some photos there are a lot more games than what you see.

The other thing I would like to know is what is the easiest way to download games from the web and put them on a disc that can be played by my Amiga?

A quick google suggests it isn't as easy as I had hoped!



Great story. Ahh, wonderful memories. Sadly, my old A500 died on me just after Commodore filed for bankruptcy. I hope you get it running again. What a great machine.

Edit: I never had any luck with Joysticks either. I think the best best joystick produced at the time was the Epyx joystick, man that thing was tough.

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