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Exclamation NioByte's HOL Contributions List

Hi Everyone,

listed here is my Contribution list to the Hall Of Light, past and present. Whenever I contribute items to the HOL Database, check this thread. Since it will contain all the items I have contributed thus far.


NioByte's Contributions List 1:

Amiga Gold Hits - 1x Diskscan | Leaderboard Golf (U.S. Gold)

Atomic Robo-Kid - Boxscan, 2x Diskscans (Original Activision Release - RARE?)

Baron Baldric - Boxscan, 2x Diskscans (Original Electronic Arts Release - EXTREMELY RARE)

Bubble Bobble - Miscshot | from TAITO U.S.A. Catalogue 1988

Bubble+ - Diskscan (Original Infogrames Release - RARE?)

G-LOC R360 - Diskscan (Original English Release by: US Gold)

Gremlins 2 - Diskscan (Elite/TopoSoft Release - RARE?)

Operation Thunderbolt - MiscShot | from TAITO U.S.A. Catalogue 1988

Overlander - Diskscan (Original Elite Release - EXTREMELY RARE)

Phantasie III - Diskscan (ECP Australasia - RARE)

Renegade - Miscshot - TAITO U.S.A. Catalogue 1988

Tengen TNT Pack - 5x Diskscans (Domark)

Turrican II - Diskscan (KIXX - Budget Release)

Warzone - Diskscan (Original Core Design Release 1991)


NioByte's Contribution List 2 -NEW- WIP:

Atomic Robokid - 2x Diskscans (Distributed By: Activision)

Boxing Manager (Campeonato Del Mundo - Spanish Title - VERY RARE System 4 Release) - 2x Boxscans - To Do: Diskscan, Manual

Bravo Romeo Delta - Boxscan, Diskscan (Distrubuted By: Guildhall Leisure Services LTD - Strangely contained in CDS IBM-PC CD-ROM Box with an Amiga Label affixed over the top. Also comes with Manual for IBM-PC CD-ROM Release - RARE?) - To Do: Manual (contains IBM-PC CDROM Version Manual?)

Golden Axe - 2x Boxscans (Front, Back), (MMC Software Spanish Release - EXTREMELY RARE) - To Do: Diskscan, Miscshots (WIP)

G-LOC R360 - 2x Boxscans (Front, Back), Diskscan, Miscshots (ERBE Spanish Release - RARE) - Complete

Helter Skelter - 2x Boxscans (Front, Back), Diskscan, (System 4 Spanish Release - EXTREMELY RARE) To Do: Manual (WIP)

Pool of Radiance - 2x Diskscans (Australasia Electronic Arts/ECP Release - RARE)

Rampage - 2x Boxscans (Front, Back), Diskscan, 4x Miscshots (Original Activision Release - RARE?) - Complete (optional warranty card,etc)

Star Wars Trilogy - 3x Boxscans (Front, Middle, Back), 3x Diskscans (Domark Release - RARE?) - To Do: Manual

Super Ski 2 - 2x Boxscans (Front, Back), 2x Miscshots, 2x Diskscans (System 4 Spanish Release - EXTREMELY RARE) - Complete

Wrath of The Demon - 2x Boxscans (Front, Back), 2x Diskscans (Original ReadySoft Release - RARE?) - To Do: 2x Diskscans (WIP), Manual (WIP)


Expect this contribution list to increase over time. The latest contribution (NioByte HOL Contributions No.2) will be uploaded to the HOL Incoming FTP.

The other Spanish releases that I own are still being scanned. Also, loads more other BoxScans, etc. Still need to be done. Expect my contributions to be a lot more active (hopefully) from now onwards.

Comments and suggestions are welcome



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The 2nd contribution list by me has been uploaded to the HOL incoming FTP. I have also PM'd CodyJarret, notifying him of its existence.

I have also included all the HOL IDs in the filenames for this release to hopefully make it easier to add these contributions to the database, although I guess the files will still need to be renamed in some way.

My 2nd Contribution batch has now been added to the HOL. The entries above can now be found in the relevant pages.

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Niobyte HOL Contribution No.3 -NEW-

NioByte's HOL Contribution No.3 -NEW- -WIP-:

my previous contributions No.1 & No.2 are still also in progress.

So far known titles that are going to be added so far through contribution Number 3 are as follows:

Crazy Cars II - Alternative diskscan (different coloured disk)

Domination - RARE/Extremely RARE - ERBE Release - Boxscan, Diskscan (Contains English Version -Original Magic Bytes disk), Miscshots

F40 Pursuit Simulator - RARE - Boxscans, Diskscan, Miscshots, Manual (NTSC version of Crazy Cars II)

Golden Eagle - RARE to Extremely RARE? - Boxscans, Diskscans, Miscshots (stickers, instructions), Manual

Mega Twins - RARE+ - ERBE Release - Boxscans, Diskscans, Miscshots (instructions)

Shadow of the beast II - Alternative white diskscan (Europe & Australasia)


Conversion DBS Screenshots:

4D Sports Driving - Original PC Release (Stunts) Published by Broderbund Software in 1990. VGA (DBS Screenshot).

Grand Prix Circuit - Original Accolade 1988 EGA Graphics PC Release (DBS Screenshot).

Stunt Car Racer - EGA PC Conversion of Stunt Car Racer (DBS Screenshot).


More Conversion DBS Screenshots:

Ajax - EGA (1989 - PC Conversion - Banana Development - Licensed from Konami) - HOLID: 3489

Arctic Baron - VGA (1993 - PC Version - Silmarils - North America Release) - HOLID: 3767

Caesar - VGA (1993 - PC Version - Impressions Software - CAESAR Update: 15-Feb-93) - HOLID: 2910

Crazy Cars II - EGA (1990 - PC Version - Titus Software) - HOLID: 3114

Crime Wave - VGA (1990 - Original PC Release - Access Software) - HOLID: 3129

F40 Pursuit Simulator - CGA & EGA (1989 - PC Conversion - Titus Software) - HOLID: 481

Links: The Challenge of Golf - VGA (1990/1991 - Original PC Release - Access Software) - HOLID: 892

Lords of The Realm - VGA (1994 - PC Version - Impressions Software - 2-Sep-94) - HOLID: 917(OCS,ECS),918(AGA)

Mean Streets - VGA (1989 - Original PC Release - Access Software) - HOLID: 2435

The Clue! - VGA (1994 - PC Release - NEO Software Produktions GmbH) HOLID: 3049

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Lots of neat new stuff from NioByte recently, so I thought I bump this one to say thanks Keep it up
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