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[Found: Amiga Lazer Zone] laser 2 players game

I'm looking for another PD/Shareware game i found on a magazine 15-some years ago...

1) pd / shareware game, kickstart 1.3

2) 2 players required or preferred

3) the game was nowhere near Invaders, but the thing the players control are 2 firing thing that scroll like the main Invaders' sprite: 2 laser pistols, one scrolling horizontally and one vertically, firing at things that fly in the game field.

4) the lazer pistols are green and scroll on 2 green tubes that define the bottom and the right border of the game screen.
the background is black, the enemies are white. (maybe).

5) the game screen don't occupies all the screen, maybe not even half of it, in fact the game field is tall and tight, positioned to the left of the monitor.

any ideas? thanks!
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Old 15 September 2007, 22:58   #2
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something like Amiga Lazer Zone? http://hol.abime.net/3510
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YAY! this is it! i could not find it before because i looked for either "Laser" or "Laser squad" as keywords...

thank you a lot, i wanted to play again this game for ages!

btw, as you see, my description was somehow different, so thank you even more to have spotted it rightly
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Old 16 September 2007, 21:03   #4
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Seeing the HOL screenshots of this game brings back a few fond memories I played Laser Zone on the C64 originally. I remember buying it on cartridge along with Attack of the Mutant Camels because Jeff Minter made both games and the local Myer store was selling them cheap. Laser Zone and AOTMC were the first two games I ever bought for the C64. I remember playing them to death until I had saved up enough pocket money for one of the newer release games on tape. I must check out this Amiga PD remake when I get a bit of time!

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yay, it's very nice and moreso played with a friend.
the graphics by Mark Jones are ripped from Cybernoyd 2
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