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cheeky scoundrel

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many retro to modern console commercials


What makes me sad is to see the cd32 commercial... again with the gloomy music, the darkness and the smoke! The Commodore advertisement department must have truly been on crack 24/7.

Great fun to see the old Playstation commercials again

"Do not underestimate the power of playstation!"
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Oh noes!
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yea, James Sinclair is really talented. Here's one of his other works:

"Are you happy to live in a world that fines one person for letting their dog defecate on their street but allows another to sleeps there indefinitely?

Work this out. A person diagnosed with a mental disorder sleeps in a doorway.
A person who's completely sane walks right past them every morning.

Don't like what you smell when you walk past a homeless person?
Perhaps it's because you've got your head up your arse.

Sick and tired of people sleeping rough in your area?
I shouldn't worry, their average life expectancy is only 42."

Not Shakespeare, but well written, esp the last part when he changes to first person so you identify with it.
oooh and Merry Christmas! Train leaves in an hour, I'm off to my folks now

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