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Thumbs up Think Commodore is now online

"New website about Commodore 64 and Amiga emulation on the Macintosh.

Think Commodore" is now online at www.thinkcommodore.com

Originally Posted by Søren Ladegaard
What is Think Commodore? It's a website about emulating the old Commodore 64 and Amiga computers on your Macintosh. The site covers the different C64 and Amiga emulators available for the Mac. It also acts as a guide on how to play your favorite music from the C64 or Amiga. Information on which players to use and links to Commodore music related websites. You'll also find links to downloading those old games and demos.

I switched from the PC to the Mac about one and a half year ago. While there are tons of websites covering the C64/Amiga, emulation, games, music etc. on the Windows PC decent Mac related websites are very hard to find. You end up with dead links or out-dated websites at best. That's the reason why I started "Think Commodore".

Think Commodore is not supposed to be a comprehensive guide to emulation with in-depth tutorials. It's more like a well thought out links collection with a nice design and a little extra "goodie-info" here and there.

As of March 27 the first version of Think Commodore is online. Updates, revisions, new info etc. will be added on a regular basis.


Søren Ladegaard - Denmark
Webmaster "
Source: www.lemonamiga.com forum
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I agree with Kodoichi.

I'm having big problems viewing the site in firefox.
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Old 28 March 2006, 21:00   #3
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Yikes. Doesn't work in Firefox at all, but works fine in both Safari and Opera 9.
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Old 28 March 2006, 23:38   #4
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Works on my Firefox.

The webmaster wrote:
If your browser shows the source code rather than the rendered page just press the "reload" button a few times. Eventually the site will render properly. I'm working on a fix!
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Old 29 March 2006, 23:35   #5
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I have removed the rant and all replies to it..

Please discuss this website itself and not how good any particular browser might be.
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Søren Ladegaard who made the site is the same who started Commodore Billboard (if you didnt know )

Useless site if you are not a apple-user.
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Old 30 March 2006, 00:31   #7
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Originally Posted by Dizzy
Useless site if you are not a apple-user.
You mean like WinUAE is useless if you're not a Windows user? What do you expect for a site about Commodore emulation on the Mac? The name, "Think Commodore", is a play on popular Mac rumour site "Think Secret", which is itself a play on Apple's marketing slogan "Think Different". It even says that it's intended for Mac users. This is a big hint that users of other operating systems might find the information a bit irrelevant.

The site's pretty good if you are a Mac user - all the information you need to at least have a go at getting an Amiga emulator running under OSX. Could probably do with some tutorials for setting the emulators up, though - not the easiest task as, unlike WinUAE on Windows, both Mac Amiga emulators are very out of date, and at least one of them doesn't have a GUI.
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Seeing fine on my firefox here.
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