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Whats your 1st memory of your/an amiga?

Mine was when i got cartoon classics pack. june 1992. Upgraded from my trusty speccy 128k +2a. lemmings was amazin, great graphics amazin sound. Then i went on captain planet and bart vs space mutants and i was blown away! the graphics and sound were a million times better than anything i had seen. Then i discovered deluxe paint and octamed and i was hooked. Im sure the amiga invented the terms "games list" at school. everyone had an amiga and anyone who owned an st was the "enemy" lol both machines were roughly the same but the amiga was always seen as the posher comp to own.
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Here's a sort of similar thread: First Amiga game you ever witnessed........... mrbob 2
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Amiga's made me who I am.

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Well, i have too say it was when i was about 15, my friend Matthew brought his A500 round to my house, whacked it into my tv, fired up octamed and played a mod by u4ia called take a trip from me, now up till this point i had had a speccy and a bbc micro and had never heard sampled speech, let alone seen a really slick gui like workbench!
Needless to say after I had heard that tune and remarked "what? you can do speech on this thing?" I was hooked and rushed out and bought an A600.
I started mucking around with making mods, and was always amazed how much better the Amiga was than the atari 520ste we used at school was.
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When i got my amiga, i was really excited... before i was enjoyed with an atari 520 STF.

During some days, i was playing to Public Domain games given with the amiga, nothing extraordinary but i was mostly impressed by a demo of the amiga basic playing a music... i was really astonished by the quality of the sound ! (in fact no so impressed nowadays
Then i got few games :
Great Courts : i was thinking when listening to the sound that i was seeing a real Tennis Match.
Beast : i still don't understand how i survived after seeing this game
Rick Dangerous : the sound of the gun killed me.

In fact i was really impressed by the sound of the Amiga as in the earlier stage graphics were quite the same as ST game.
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When my friend got an A500 plus a monitor from his parents back in late '87. It was pretty new back then and we all wanted one. I got mine two years later tho, after saving up a fortune. Had to make do with my trusty old C64 in the meantime.
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move.w #$4489,$dff07e
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I was about 8 and I went to a friends after school. At this time I had a Spectrum and my brother had some shit PC. Anyway, after me and my friend had finished a game of Subbuteo in the front room we fired up his big brother's Amiga with a copy of Strider.

As soon as I heard that sword go pching I was sold And Batman the movie just blew me away as well. I saved my pocket money up hard after that and got my A500 for £330 the following year.

Never looked back... been using Amiga ever since
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My first memory of the Amiga was my dad staying up playing Dungeonmaster. He eventually got me a Sesame Street game to play on it, then I played some other game called Barney Bear, McGee, etc. Then I started to play Lemmings. Then Monkey Island. Then pretty much any other game I could get my hands on.
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I discovered the first amiga in a computer store in 1988. I was there to purchase a Final Cartrdige III for my C-64 and saw the awesome "Juggler" demo.


After reading some german mags with good reviews about games like Hybris, Ports of Call, P.O.W., Crazy Cars II etc.. i got an Amiga 500 in spring of 1989. I was amazed about the graphic and sound quality, which was lightyears beyond the C-64. The first game i had was the original of Starglider II, followed by a lot of.. uuhm "backup" copies.

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I remember seeing in C+VG an article with the 3 main comparable machines , Mac , ST , Amiga.In it they had Deluxe paint showing that famous monkey plus a space cockpit picture.All in a whopping 32 colours.I remember wanting an Amiga quite desperatley at that time.I ended up with an ST in the end and really loved it up until the time a friend of mine got his Amiga - you couldn't help but be jealous.The first game i saw was Space Ranger running in Dixons and it turned out to be quite a smart little game.

Happy memories indeed but it's not just nostalgia as like most people here , i still play loads of Amiga games.
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11yrs old, visiting my mates house in Colchester(Matthew Sullivan)- Sadly lost touch a long time ago now. His Dad ran the chippy and always had loads of cash. They had an A1000. I had a Plus/4.... I watched the Elgato cat anim and played Bards tale... I was blown away. Wasnt until about 3 years later that we got an A500. Never did catch up to Sully and his Dads Amiga technology curve!!
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My father's A1000 in something like 1987..
Marble Madness was the shit
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When i finally got an Amiga it was because of the break up of my parents.As a way of making up for this , my dad bought me an Amiga 500.It sounds really horrible but at that point all i really cared about was finally getting an Amiga.For the first day or two i just enjoyed the free stuff that came with it which wasn't very much to be honest but i was so incredibly happy to be the owner of this piece of heaven so that's all i needed.My friend at the time was able to get games much cheaper than me if you know what i mean and he had a huge collection.He also had usefull utility that allowed me to back up his collection for him ..Best memories ever Led Storm , Swords of Sodan , Speedball at a time when i had only been spoiled with Oids and Super Sprint(great games mind and the only 2 games that didn't ever bloody make it to Amiga that i owned for ST).

The only time iv'e been quite so bowled over in this type of way was when Playstation first came out.I don't think i ever will again , at least not until you can plug games into your brain.

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My first memory of the Amiga is connected with hearnig a mod poking at the AtariST(most Polish members of this board should be familiar with it: "AtariST yeah yeah yeah" ). But what really got me excited about the machine was how people interacted with it. Everywhere I went I saw people using it in a creative way. Protracker, DeluxPaint, Octamed, Audiomaster, Amos... you name it. That's what impressed me the most. Intuitive, easy and most of all FUN! Didn't feel like a computer at all...

And yes... the games also kicked ass
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I was around six.. My godfather took me to his work and booted up one of the Amigas there, inserted the kickstart disk and loaded up DPaint.. :-)
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Dpaint for me too, an ex boyfriend of my aunts showed me some amazing looking artwork he had done in it
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Big grin

Originally Posted by ppill
"AtariST yeah yeah yeah"
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Originally Posted by Shoonay
Yes, that's the one . Ahh, the good olden days.
Thanks. If only I could remember the name of the module player my mate used back then...
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Mine was when a school mate up the road bought one, came with KS and WB 1.2.

I'd only just bought an Amstrad CPC 6128 and quickly sold it. By then KS1.3 came out. Can't remember the year, think it might have been 1990 or 1992?
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The first memory of my Amiga was 512KB.

Then I upgraded it to 1MB.
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My first memory of Amigas is Amiga owners poking fun at me for having an Atari ST...
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