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List of WHDLoad games that (potentially or actually) work on OCS Amigas


Some time ago I acquired a stock A500/KS1.2 equipped with the excellent ACA500+ expansion card. Eager to test the setup, I started searching for a list of WHDLoad games that work on OCS Amigas, but all I could find was requests for one. Out of love for the old workhorse (I had one for years in the old days) and a desire to use it for all things fun and perhaps even useful, I decided to try and make such a list. Of course one may already exist somewhere, but it was the thought of the journey that lured me into doing it...

On June 30, Wepl very kindly provided a list of memory requirements for all slaves released so far, including older versions:


As WHDLoad was originally designed for later Amiga models, I figured it is necessary to actually test whether the games load and run successfully to make the list less speculative and more accurate.

I extracted the entries for non-AGA games that need a maximum of 512Kb chip, and started quick-testing using Turran's WHDLoad ECS Pack v2.6.


As I got quite far before 2.7 and 3.0 were released, I decided to first complete the list using v2.6 and then update the list. In the final stage I then took a look at the game folders within 3.0 that were dated beyond the freshest ones inside 2.6 (from December 2016), tested the slaves in them and merged the folders with a local copy of 2.6.

[update: the test folder is now available on the EAB servers in directory "A500". Current version corresponds to Turran's 3.0]

Here's the testing procedure in all its simplicity:

- install AG-Launch 0.7c to allow maximum amount of free chip RAM.
- play each game for at least a few minutes to see if they load and run properly.
- when a problem is detected, mark down error messages or/and what happened (e.g. "crashes at game start") to give some indication of the nature of the problem for later testing.
- upon encountering a very good game, force yourself to quit and move on.

What was not done:

- full game testing, this was a brutal quick-test project to provide a starting point
- full problem reporting with core dumps etc.
- problem solving for the vast majority of titles - for instance, no WHDLoad tooltypes were used (the Arcadia slaves probably work fine with forced NTSC etc.)
- slave versions in the pack were not marked on the list except for the ones that had problems or did not work at all
- testing at the default 7Mhz speed - except for one or two games that had timing problems at 14Mhz (no effect unfortunately)
- other OCS systems were not used, as I have only the A500/ACA500+ combo.
- other things of importance?

It's of course possible that some games are still missing from the list as everything was done manually, but it should hopefully give a fairly good picture of what WHDLoad games can be played on OCS systems currently.

At this point I'd like to invite anyone who might be interested to do further testing, problem solving etc. on different OCS setups and add to the list, or just to use it for more Amiga gaming fun

Test equipment:

- A500 KS1.2 33.180, MC68000, Agnus OCS PAL, Denise OCS, chip RAM 512k, no trap door slow $C0 RAM

- ACA500+, with the following settings (menu v0.99 and v0.110):

Force PAL/NTSC off
Map ROM on
$C0/Trapdoor RAM on
7M Fast RAM enabled
(1M Chip RAM expansion unavailable)
IDE driver update on
AUX CF slot on
VBR move ACA500Plus VBR move
(MMUlib 68030/040/060 only)
(68000 switch 68000)

Kickstart ROM Kickstart v3.1 r40.63
Freezer disabled
(no button press functions assigned)

DF0: enabled (no other floppy drives present)
Floppy no-click on
RTC autodetect
CPU speed 14Mhz (I know, not 'real' speed but 99% of working games had no
problem with this and I needed to save time)
(Freezer CPU speed 14Mhz)
aca.resource on
Virtual autoconfig automatic

(Starfield up )
Virtual disk off
(HRTMon off)
(FFS TD64 update automatic)

Massive thanks to Wepl and all the WHDLoad slave creators, Zetro for AG-Launch, Solo761 for AGLGen, and Turran, KG and everybody else compiling the packs!
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nice work
Originally Posted by A500 View Post
- slave release date is often not reported in cases where it is slightly different than those appearing in the original list provided by Wepl. However, in most cases the slave release date was the same as that in the list, or there was a difference of a few days between the dates which I'd guess is simply the difference between the date a slave was created and the date it was published on the WHDLoad site. Of course I could be wrong here...
The date in the database is date when the install has been published. The file date of the Slave in the archive should be always older.
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Originally Posted by Wepl View Post
nice work

The date in the database is date when the install has been published. The file date of the Slave in the archive should be always older.
Aha, thanks for the clarification
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A small but nice update: the latest version of Shadow of the Beast 3 works on OCS Will try to find time to test other updates at some point, may take long to get there though...
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if you have an IDE drive (A600) you could make some games run using CD32load HD mode (and stop the flashing due to lack of memory).

The drawback is the lack of game/hiscore saving. ATM limited to non-diskfiles because D mode doesn't perform a partial read of files. For instance Silkworm works. A lot of file-based (not diskimage based) 512k games should work, without OS flashes
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