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Behind The Iron Gate - English (DOS-Error #205)

Get this error when trying to run the English version using the WHDLoad install of Behind The Iron Gate in WinUAE: DOS-Error #205. It's been reported on the Mantis Bug Tracker since 14th June 2013 but no progress yet!

Think this installer is a bit of mess!!

Snoopdos is reporting bsdsocket.library is being called but not found as no network stack or programs are running, when one is run the same error occurs so it's not that!

Next, is the install script correct? It creates a 'data' folder in the main folder then copies into it 2 files from Disk 1: BehindFloppy and BehindTheIronGate and a Disk.1 from the rawdic install of Disk 2, then 1 file from the WHDLoad install: OSEmu.400. The install then has a line to decrunch BehindFloppy with xfdecrunch, but that file is not packed! Looking at BehindTheIronGate file it has 4 bytes at the start then the PP20 header so looks to be powerpacked data, stripping the first 4 bytes and saving it I still can't unpack it with any powerpacker decrunchers, so is it powerpacked and does it need decrunching for the game to work?

Snoopdos also doesn't show the 'data' folder being accessed, so moving all the files from 'data' into the main folder I now get DOS-Error #235 (bad loadfile hunk) for BehindTheIronGate so it still won't load, so does it need decrunching?

Looks like this needs a completely new install making, so I'm going report it again on the Bug Tracker
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Psygore has now updated Behind The Iron Gate to slave v1.1 and fixed the installer which now allows the game to correctly install:


Tested the un-official self-made IPF's of the English version which now installs without a problem

Big to Psygore for fixing this!!
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Many thanks to Psygore for the updated install and to Urbi for uploading the original polish Version in the Zone
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