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New Game: The Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard

Just a short post to announce I've finshed writing my new game, The Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard. A port of a popular ZX Spectrum title from last year, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, and based on my SAM Coupé port of The Lost Tapes of Albion (The Lost Disks of SAM).

It is downloadable in ADF form from http://blackjet.co.uk/amiga/moebius-goatlizard/

Requirements are minimum of 512KB Amiga, but you get a couple of extras if you play it on an 020+. It also caches more stuff in RAM if it finds it.

Instructions are included in the ReadMe file on the disk.

This is the first program I've written for the Amiga, and it probably shows ;-) haha.

Hope you enjoy. Feedback always welcome. The disk is bootable, and it also works from workbench (most of the time!)

Last edited by spud; 13 April 2013 at 02:59. Reason: edited link at the behest of the blackjet webmaster ;-)
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Thank you, nice design and balanced gameplay. [ Show youtube player ]
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Hey! A new game for our Amiga. Great. Lets try it now. Thanks thanks thanks.
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Old 13 April 2013, 07:47   #4
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It is quite an addictive game. It looks/feels professional. Look forward to seeing more games from you.
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Old 13 April 2013, 08:58   #5
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I've played the PC remake and it's a wonderful game!

Thank you very much!!!

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Looks cool.
I´ll give it a try.

Thank you.
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Old 13 April 2013, 12:26   #7
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It's very hard, even on easy... although that's probably due to my poor gaming skills! Pretty slick + fun game, you did a good job - especially for your first Amiga prod.

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Someone made longer video [ Show youtube player ]
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Looks nice, very addictive. Thanks
Quote from the game "You lose sucker"
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Old 13 April 2013, 23:19   #10
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Glad you enjoy it so far. I find it is easiest to use a pad rather than a joystick, but that might be because I'm used to playing it on keyboard on the speccy/sam and in testing on winuae.

Would be interested to hear if anyone has the opportunity to play it in two player mode. I think (hope ) it would be a fun little two player experience. I think it would be cool to play over the network hehe.
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Old 13 April 2013, 23:34   #11
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Me and the wife (aka CrazyOne) just had a go...

Let's say the 'WTF???' moments outnumbered the 'What a cute little game' ones

We're both quite sure something happens once we collect all the things in the first level, but that will have to wait until tomorrow

(FS-UAE should work nicely for a netplay try )
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Old 14 April 2013, 02:32   #12
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Thanks TCD, myself and Jaco tried it two player using FS-UAE tonight, works a treat. A bit laggy, but for actually testing the two player mode very useful. Very fun, too. Had a ball playing it with another human.

We've come up with some recommendations to make two player mode a little more playable, and have some bugs that need to be addressed that were missed prior to release.

So, I'm going to have a think and possibly do a v1.1 to fix up the 2p mode.
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Old 14 April 2013, 12:56   #13
Graham Humphrey
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What a really enjoyable little game. Great work and thanks I love the Speccy version so this is a real treat.

I did experience the game freezing on me though when I first played it. Shortly into the first level. I then rebooted, turn the CPU caches off and it worked like a charm (playing on an A1200 with a 68040 card, from floppy).
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Old 14 April 2013, 14:12   #14
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Really glad you enjoyed it, the 68040 thing. I'll see if I can reproduce it on my A4000. No promises though, the game is a bit hacky, I am still learning and working with all the configurations out there seems to be a minefield. I should re-write the whole thing, the code is a mess - took 8 months to write - looking back at some of the older code I have wtf was I thinking of moments frequently

V1.1 will be uploaded later today with the 2 player mode fix up.

I'm chuffed to bits with all the positve feedback I've had
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Old 14 April 2013, 14:22   #15
move.l #$c0ff33,throat

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I second WK, the game is quite hard but fun to play, good job!
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Old 14 April 2013, 14:44   #16
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The game plays great, with a good retro-feeling. I'd add some music, and also I'd like to see "very easy" mode . Oh and Highscore saving is a MUST!
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Old 14 April 2013, 15:23   #17
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After a couple of times I nearly considered this to be one of those games worthy of the Games you never understood to play (the right way) thread but I persevered some more and then it clicked.

Very simple collect and avoid the nasties to complete the level type game but has the all important ingredient: addictive gameplay.

I like the added Hyperspace feature that's well handy when you find yourself in a bit of a predicament. Of course, there's no telling where you'll end up! The bonuses are helpful too.

I managed to get to level 3 (on *cough*, Easy) and the graphics all change giving variation - brilliant.

Well done spud on this game and hope this won't be the last of projects?

Off to see if I can get a little further....
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Old 14 April 2013, 21:59   #18
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Hi there

I've uploaded V1.1 then. It includes the ability to save the highscores: press P on the titlescreen to do that.

It has a bug-fixed 2-player game included with a smoother difficulty curve, more lives and a fix to correct the immunity player two had to the large bomb detonation. Should make for a better and more fun experience.

Get it from the same place as before.

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Old 14 April 2013, 23:11   #19
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I really, REALLY like that "ram detected and utilised" screen!
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Old 15 April 2013, 00:29   #20
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Thanks for the comments guys. I think for a first ASM attempt on a new platform, Andrew did a great job. I was there from the start and watched the game and coding improve each week
Sorry that my graphical and musical abilities are still also fairly crappy compared to many others out there, but both Andrew and I seem to be improving our skills in each subsequent game we release.
Glad you all enjoy it and it's one of the games going into my A600 cocktail cabinet I'm building in a few weeks
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