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PC to Amiga IFF - freaking antialiasing.

Long Story short:
I found my way around Photoshop, and 3ds Max, and everything, but there is some thing I want to do (like scaling animated character), and freaking antialias (that turns on, whenever I look at image).

Do we have a PC software that do:
1) importing png (tga, or any other format) - converts to 16 -32 colors?
2) Can we do the conversion on series of images (sprite walking) automatically, preserving the same colors from first image?
3) Do all the above, but automatically scale the sprite half of height (preserving the same colors).
4) Export all as IFF Amiga readable format.

Basically, what is the best PC to Amiga (graphics) conversion app? Not for a single image, but for animation?
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You could try ProMotion by Cosmigo...
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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
1) importing png (tga, or any other format) - converts to 16 -32 colors?
Converts to 8 -16 -32 - 64 -128 - 256

PhotoFiltre (free version 6 and 7)
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Thanks guys.
I've tried both apps but still unable to convert to 16 colors.
(Pro Motion app is really really impressive... )

I mean... I can convert to 16 colors - 1 image, but I can't convert series of sprite images (rendered in png), to be at the same palette, and not only same palette, but positions of the colors to be on the same place.

Any ideas?
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Regarding conversion, here's what you can do:

-Step 1: convert from iff to gif using GFXConverter (Aminet - runs from workbench)
-Step 2: do whatever you like with the gif in photoshop. Save in gif format again.
-Step 3: convert the gif back to iff using GFXConv again.

Regarding palette handling (photoshop) and regarded the format of the pic is gif or png-8 (normal png does not have indexed color, only png-8):

-Step 1: Go to Image->mode->color table
-Step 2: Color table will open, from here you can adjust the palette, add colors, remove them, rearrange them e.t.c. You can also save the palette and use it later on other files. Or load a different palette.
-Optional step: If you want to rearrange colors or load a palette with different color arrangement, first make sure to 'select all' and copy the image. Once you finish with your palette handling the image colors will look wrong and messed up. Paste your old image in there and everything will go back to normal.

Warnings: Photoshop has a nasty habit adding some sort of dither if f.e. you try to paste to an indexed image something that has completely different color values. Photoshop will try to match the diferent colors with the ones in the index and doing so it might add dither. To avoid that make sure that the colors are the same before pasting.

Alt: an alternative method of reducing color and index color handling in photoshop is the option "save for web". Take a look in there cause this is also a very handy tool.
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Again, not a PC program, but PPaint should be able to do everything you need. If not directly, then with a little ARexx scripting. It has support for loading most formats including PNG, converting to any number of colours with different colour reduction algorithms, halving the vertical resolution, remapping of colours to a given palette, and creation of animation frames. Exporting can be done to IFF anim or AnimGIF as needed, or other formats as separate images.
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