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Originally Posted by guest.r View Post
Yeah, sometimes a standalone emulator is the obvious choice. I'm still very fond of Libretro though. Very nice for arcade and most consoles.

Back to the shaders, i promised a color altering ReShade shader and it's complete now. It includes color profiles from Dr. Venom, colorspaces, color temperature, saturation and contrast. It's a bit 'nerdy' option to use, still a nice to have.

In addition, glow got better again. I decided to use a 15x15 gaussian kernel instead of 11x11, with a different sigma. Since it uses 2 passes it's quite fast though.

All included in the shader pack below.

Some thoughts on using reshade. I noticed that using a 64 bit version activates Reshade, while the 32 bit doesn't. Very nice feature.

One more thing: The color shader should be applied before the mask shader.

Edit: crt-arcade-hires-smartres-interlace shader added. It's faster than the other "interlace" shader included, may look better in some games.

Looks pretty nice in games like Hired guns.

It can be used normally otherwise.
Sorry for my earlier post, I didn't really want to steal you work. I was under the impression that you did this shader exclusively for the EAB community, and that ask for a donation only in very extreme cases like commercial uses for who can or is willing to help for something on your work.

I did not understand that is not possible for me to ask for a new shader if I did not give a contribution for you first. Then, when you warned me of that, I thought the generous license in which you shaders were distributed was some misleading and deceptive way to advert your work, which could be in fact, purely commercial.

In other words, I felt fooled at that time, but today I know that this is not the case. Now I know clearly that what did seem for others is that I was trying to fool you.

I reckon I was wrong in asking for a new shader, knowing that this could be rejected. If I did not help you before or others too, is because my current situation does not allow that, only this. I do not want anything from you or from anyone (I have honor), what I would like to say is that you gave me the clear impression that you would like that the others had conscience of your efforts, if the donation is not possible, and do not try to fool you.

I can't buy your shader pack, how I would like someday and many other things too; but I can only give to you some credit, if not in the form of money, in the form of this nice apology request, which also serves like an example of good attitude and consideration for you and your work, that is excellent, and that needs publicity.
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