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Installing WarpOS 5 or 5.1 makes aga output blank or garbled!!!!

this is driving me crazy! every hardware change on the amiga brings MORE and MORE probs!!!! outrage!

I have a csppc 233mhz by phase5 coupled with a g-rex4000D.
up to the point I install warpOS libs everything works fine. if I install wos (and still in AGA) then the amiga will boot and 3 things can happen:

1. os3.9 icons will load, but when it comes to load the backdrop the amiga will hang.

2. os3.9 icons will load, and when it loads the backdrop the AGA output will go OFF , the amiga works FINE and if I switch to the voodoo3 I will see the 4color representation of AGA (it uses the ppc to copy gfx data to grex video card)

3. after icons the aga display will be totally garbled.

IF I delete (using voodoo3 display ofcourse) from LIBS: powerpc.library and reboot all work excellent again after a reboot!

and this is with a fresh 3.9 installation, bb1+bb2, and cgx4 (inactive, no cgx mode used or configured)
no probs whatsoever with aga before wos install, ppc pcu is fine as far as I can tell (runned ppc software rock solid 30 mins before I re-install OS), tried entering from wos prefs to always use the video address $82000000 ....
run a memcheck prog on chipmem and fastmem all OK

waht else to do?
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Old 23 January 2007, 23:17   #2
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tried powerpc.library V16.1beta (07.01.01), (from webpage: last version working with ppclibemu. Official V16.1 from BoingBag has a bug!)
but still the same!
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That' what I get, put a powerppc.library into the libs: folder, and it crashes around the same time the amidock comes up, take it out, and it's fine.

Sorry, can't help, I simply don't know how to fix it!

In fact I don't understand this WarpUP/PowerPPC conflict, anyone know why this is? Politics? or is there a genuine technical reason?
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If its fresh os39 and bb2 then the only thing using the ppc is the picture datatype for fast backdrop rendering(this uses warpos of course).

cgxv4 will need to be latast version as it fixes compatability issues with os39 exec.

it is normal for aga to be garbled with the rtg activated due tot he 4 color mode promotion which is in use untill cgx is activated to take over (this 4 colour mode is used so you can see what your doing to install the oss and drivers).

the idea is to not to attemp to use aga ever again
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Old 06 May 2007, 18:50   #5
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Location: Ioannina/Greece
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this problem has been solved long time ago, aga is great...
it was a psu problem that failed to deliver good +5v ...
and no, I did not complain about aga errors when rtg is on, I complained about aga error in aga screnmodes, like a whdload game.
bad psu...
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