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Classic Workbench OS39 on Amiga 4000


Question on what files I need to replace to have ClassicWB 3.9 boot on a Amiga 4000? I've set it up OK and moved it onto a CF card. Works fine in WinUAE but on the A4000, I just get a software failure when it restarts after running SetPatch.

I figured it would since the "AmigaOS ROM Update" is for A1200, not A4000.

So I set up a new CF card where I installed WB 3.1 and updated it to OS 3.9 BB2. That works fine in the A4000 of course.

I then coped the "AmigaOS ROM Update" file over to the ClassicWB CF card, but it still gives software failure on restart after SetPatch. So I copied the entire DEVS:, LIBS: and C: etc over from the functional installation, but it still fails to load the ClassicWB.

What have I missed to copy from the working 3.9 installation to the ClassicWB to have it boot on A4000?

I've tried removing CardReset and stuff like that from the ClassicWB 3.9 CF card, but the Software Failure pops up even before it starts booting, so it must be something that SetPatch patches that the A4000 does not like...

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ClassicWB 3.9 works just fine in A4000. It seems you're clearly doing something wrong.
First of all the file "AmigaOS ROM Update" comes from either BB1 and BB2 and it's generic for all Amigas as it contains the following file inside it:

First of all to try if it's the BB2 update tha t screws your installation just comment the SetPatch line (putting a semicolon ; in front of the line) and instead add the following line:
If the system boots correctly then your A4000 doesn't like something from BB2 update.
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Hm, I have BB2 installed on the clean install I made. That CF boots fine.

Perhaps its the CF card itself that the A4000 does not like OS 3.9 bb2 on.. I'll give that a go. Thanks for the response! Did not know the update files was the same for all models.

Update: Cleaned the CF card with diskpart and remade a single DH0: with 1 GB. Copied the contents from the working CF into it and I get the same problem. 2 seemingly exact copies. One works, one does not.

Trying ClassicWB 3.9 on the working card now then. Weird that it would be the CF card itself.. been working fine with 3.1 for over a month.

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I don't use ClassicWB, but BB2 with ROM update works fine here on my A4000D. I use SCSI-II HD no CF.
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Indeed, it does work fine with another CF card partitioned the same way. VERY strange that only OS3.9 BB2 does not work on it after SetPatch runs.

None working: Kingston CompactFlash 16GB Ultimate 266X (CF/16GB-U2).
Working: Silicon Power 16GB 200X
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Way back when I had my 3000T, I had 3.9 installed, and just before my 3000 died, I remember a lot of excitement over a program called "glow icons", (I think that is what it was called, and perhaps there were two competing programs?) it's been a long time. Anyhow, am I right? and if so, what happened to it?

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Originally Posted by tesla View Post
I remember a lot of excitement over a program called "glow icons"...

...what happened to it?
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