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Complete novice: ive got my A600 running,now what?

Hi i recently got my old and much loved A600HD up and running again after many years. I had a problem with my original 20MB hard drive so have just plugged in a 4GB CF card and adapter and reinstalled workbench. ALL WORKING!! Thanks to advice from this site!
I also seem to have a clock/battery issue but am unsure how to sort this. Indeed where am i looking?
My main query is what can i do with my Amiga now? Ive got some old games still so will probably install them back on to the hard drive. Ive read all sorts of info regarding newer software, applications & seen some slick newer workbench operating systems on the the web but how would i go about transfering them from PC to Amiga if indeed i can?
Ive ordered a CF PCMCIA adapter & have several old 64MB CF cards lieing around so hoping these will help do the trick, but how? Ive also got some old ethenet/fax modem PCMCIA laptop cards but unsure if they would work with my Amiga?
Im on a budget so getting a 2mb fast ram card etc is a stretch unless its essential?! Any advice useful, please keep it simple because one answer often leads to ten more questions for me, sorry...
What options do i have?
ps: Im using workbench 2.05 I have 2mb memory (1mb on expansion card) & kickstart 37.300 if that helps?
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The 1 who ribbits
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am not to far away from you if you want any ribbiting doing

the buget prob be better served getting one of jens accels for your A600, see amigakit
if your 600 has only 1Mb of chip start searchin for a trap door ram bring it up to 2mb

a600 dos`t come with a clock so this might be on a ram card, fingers crossed

doh just read u got ram card, hummm I`ll go back to ribbiting to myself oh and Oatcakes !!

but ram card needs lookin at, especly if it has battry on, this is important
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Ahh oatcakes...
Thanks for that, the battery on my ram card looks fine (no leak) but is solidly stuck in place, do i need to replace it?
So what kind of software/OS upgrades can i expect over my old workbench? if any?
Also i am truly a novice with little to no experience when it comes to messing around with my old Amiga so any advice as to where to start would be really helpful, small easy steps
Thanks and cheers for the ribbits...
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have a look here for workbench replacements

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Well Done JT on installing workbench on your new CF yourself instead of funding the thieves on Ebay.
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thanks Gordon
I was a bit nervous buying from china via ebay but all went ok as far as i know... the CF board cost 99p plus 98p posatge (took 2 weeks) I re used the Amigas original HD cable and got a Kingston 4gb CF card from mymemory.com for £7.50. Ofcourse ive had to prep & format the CF card using the original workbench 2.05 disk that came with the machine but it seems to be working ok? Im no expert so unsure how "well" it should be performing? I see that if i had bought the card/adapter from a supplier i would have some new "special" software pre installed? I still vague as to exactly what process i use to put new software/OS onto my Amiga, guess that will be the next learning curve when my CF slot adapter arrives from Hong Kong(whenever that is...)
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