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Workbench installed. What now?

I open this thread to see if you can tell me what are the applications / tools / commands that you install just after installing the system. Those without whom you cannot conceive the use of Workbench and who, because of their extreme utility, are indispensable to you.
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Lha as mentioned above, lzx, unzip, anticlick, KingCON, etc.
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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Absolute must have, even more so if you are not familiar or comfortable using the command line.
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Oh gosh, this really depends on what you want to do and your personal preferences.

I mean, if you don't want to navigate through your drawers to start up tools (programs), there are several different ways of launching tools - ToolsDaemon allows you to add extra menus to your workbench menus, AmiDock allows you to add a "Dock" (like on the NeXT and Apple Mac OS X), and there are options to add a "Start menu" style launcher (I have not looked into this myself).

It also depends what hardware you're running it on, and which version of Workbench you're using - there is more that will run on 3.0 or higher than there is that will run on 1.3 or lower. And some things will require AGA or a graphics card, while some will be happy to run on any OCS or better machine.

It also depends on how much you want to customise things - do you want to tweak icons or even design your own?

There are things like MagicWB and NewIcons, MUI, AHI audio system, it all really depends on what you want to do. Also WHDLoad for launching games from the hard disk drive that may not have a hard drive installer, or that don't work correctly with your hardware and/or software.
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As said, it depends on what you want to do with the system, but it also depends on what version of Workbench you installed. If it's 3.9 for example, you have less need for installing lha because it comes with a pretty good graphical unarchiver included. Similarly, NewIcons, AHI, Amidock, MagicWB, new Shell replacements etc. aren't needed because they're either included or their functionality is integrated into Workbench itself. For me, the only things I add as soon as I install OS 3.9 are MagicMenu and drivers for PCMCIA CF card adaptors (compactflash.device and fat95).
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I love Amiga music

So, after the system is installed, i always add Eagle Player (to listen to Amiga music modules) and Exotic Ripper (to extract those modules from productions)

You can find both programs on aminet
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I use SID (1.06) ---
Always thought D-Opus a little Heavy.
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Originally Posted by Nobby_UK View Post
I use SID (1.06) ---
Always thought D-Opus a little Heavy.
DiskMaster is lighter
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