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FastATA 1200 MK-V


I am having some trouble with the FastATA MK-V - perhaps someone has some idea on what could be wrong. The FastATA MK-V is fastened, secured, etc... I am using a CF adaptor plugged into the 44-pin FastATA IDE port - none of the other IDE ports on the FastATA are in use. I am using a 4GB CF card.

Without reformatting the CF card, and without loading the ATA3.driver, Workbench loads fine and the system seems very stable - I've been running like this for a while to use the Amiga. I can play WHDLoad games, mess with Deluxe Paint, browse the Internet all the while with the CF plugged into the FastATA board.

So, I said to try the ATA3.driver since I'm guessing that's how it's supposed to be run. I made a Workbench 3.1 start-up disk, added the ATA3.driver, ATA3Prefs, HDToolBox and added a line to load up ATA3.driver:

(I have omitted QUIET in previous attempts and it throws no errors, just installs successfully.)

When I get to Workbench I check to see if "scsi.device" is patched and it returns something like .60 so the driver has been loaded and is resident.

Then, using the start-up disk, I launch ATA3Prefs, it shows the CF card just fine and then I set PIO 0 (although other PIO values 3, 4 and 5 have been attempted and it does not make any difference) and NOSPLIT.

After that, I load HDToolBox and partition the drive, I install the drive (read configuration, save), I then use PFS3 with the 0x1fe00 MaxTransfer (although that has been omitted in other attempts) - all is great and fine, I save the configuration and exit HDToolBox.

I then reboot using the same boot disk and. . . The CF card partitions do not show up on the Workbench - nor are they listed with "assign". So, I load HDToolBox again and. . . It is as if I never made the partitions. . .

I can repeat this over and over again and the partitions never show up so I can format them. It is as if HDToolBox is not saving the information to the CF card although it says it does.

If I do not load ATA3.driver (and restore my Workbench from backup), it boots again fine into Workbench (3.9) and it runs great; even with the messload of patches I have.

I have also tried various CF cards and two CF card adaptors - since I am switching CF cards to try various setups.

Any idea where the issue could be? Or rather, what does it mean if the setup works without the ATA3.driver but fails with the ATA3.driver loaded? I have not tried dismantling everything since the FastATA seems to work fine without the ATA3.driver. . . I guess I can keep using the FastATA without loading the driver, but what's the fun in that. . .


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