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help setting up FS-UAE with a front end

Hi there,
Was really impressed how slick FS-UAE has become! Using the launcher and the WHDload collection, all the best games just work as slick as ever, and it's so easy!

Now, is it somehow possible to use this emulator with a different front end (other than FS-UAE Arcade)? For example, I have a multitude of other systems working really smoothly through GameEx, but I'm sure this question applies to any other front end.

I tried using FS-UAE with a command line to run my WHDLoad files. No luck, just got the classic hand with a disk icon show up on the screen, even though with the laucher, the WHDLoad files worked perfectly. At first I thought this was because the WHDLoad file was zipped, so I unzipped it, but the LHA file didn't work either. Is it true that the developer version of FS-UAE works OK with WHDLoad files? What is the command line for that? I was using fs-uae.exe --fullscreen=1 --cdrom-drive-0="[rompath] / [ROMFILE]"

Of course, even if I manage to get WHDLoad files working via the command line, I'm still worried that all the great database information in the open retro game database will not be possible to access, and therefore all of that preconfigured info will have to be manually created somehow.

On the other hand, for a lark I tried running the Launcher from my frontend and discovered that it IS possible to run WHDLoad files fine. However, it's not that slick for the following reason. Even though my frontend has scanned my WHDLoad game directory and listed all of the games available, when I select one to play (and it launches the FS-UAE Launcher), the Launcher starts up and just sits there, I have to manually choose the game again which kind of defeats the purpose of choosing a particular game in my front end, only to have to choose it again when the Launcher starts up.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!
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Hi folks,

Any help with the command line instructions to run WHDLoad files using the latest V2.9.6 developer version of UAE-FS-Launcher?

It seems possible, according to this note from Frode Solheim:

I am using the following command line to start the Populous WHDLoad file:

fs-uae-launcher.exe --fullscreen=1 --cdrom-drive-0="E:\Emulator ROMs\Amiga\WHDLoad (2017-04-12)\WHDLoad Collection\Games-WHDLoad / Populous_v1.1_0069.lha"

Any suggestions? I think my syntax on the path / WHDLoad is wrong. (notice how I have some backslashes and some forward?)

Or am I doing the completely wrong thing by trying to run the WHDLoad file directly? Is the correct solution to be using a UUID as the rom name, by using the utility located here:

This is how some clever people got this working with one front end (Launchbox). It's not the front end I'm using, but maybe I can borrow the ideas...

Would love some feedback :-)


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I can offer an example, I use a configuration file eg. MKIIAGA.fs-uae in conjunction with an AutoHotKey file.

First, the fs-uae configuration file:

# FS-UAE configuration saved by FS-UAE Launcher
# Last saved: 2015-02-07 12:02:40

amiga_model = A4000/040
chip_memory = 8192
hard_drive_0 = C:\MKIIAGA.zip
keep_aspect = 1
accuracy = -1

video_sync = auto

title = Alex
uaegfx_card = 1
x_whdload_args = MortalKombat2AGA.slave NOCACHE PRELOAD


I then use an AutoHotKey file (.ahk) which contains the following:

run C:\Users\Alex Power\AppData\Local\fs-uae\fs-uae-launcher.exe --run C:\MKIIAGA.fs-uae

WinWait, Alex · FS-UAE

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Thanks twenty90seven, this is very helpful!
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OK, I'm still having command line issues with my installation and I'd love some more suggestions. (Keep in mind that the database is set up correctly and all files work smoothly from the Launcher app. But I am trying to sort out this via the command line so I can integrate this into a front end)

I am using the developer version V2.9.6.
This has installed FS-UAE here:

I am using the UUID for Populous which is
and for troubleshooting purposes I have moved this file into the same directory as FS-UAE.

I am attempting to run UUID files directly from this directory via the command line.
When I try the following:
fs-uae.exe 41848a06-d4ab-53b0-a122-48903ec67ce5
The FSUAE application will open, but I just get the kickstarter disk image, the UUID does not appear to load. Any ideas?

Now alternatively when I run the UUID file from the launcher application, like so:
fs-uae-launcher.exe 41848a06-d4ab-53b0-a122-48903ec67ce5
The game works. Any idea why the fs-uae.exe command line version does not work?

Last question:

I was able to get the UUID command line method working ONLY if I used the launcher in the command line, and ONLY if I had the UUID file in the same directory as the launcher. Can someone explain why the below DOES NOT work? All I am doing is adding a path to where my UUID file is normally located, and now it no longer works.

FS-uae-launcher.exe "E:\Emulator ROMs\Amiga\WHDLoad (2017-04-12) for GameEx\Populous [WHDLoad, v1.1, 0069]\41848a06-d4ab-53b0-a122-48903ec67ce5"
Why is the path messing this up? Any suggestions on how to address this, since my front end needs the path!

Thanks for any insight on any of these issues!
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Originally Posted by MacGuyver2 View Post
fs-uae-launcher.exe --fullscreen=1 --cdrom-drive-0="E:\Emulator ROMs\Amiga\WHDLoad (2017-04-12)\WHDLoad Collection\Games-WHDLoad / Populous_v1.1_0069.lha"
Hi, remove the CD-ROM references, which does not make sense. Something like this should work with a recent launcher version:

fs-uae-launcher.exe --fullscreen "E:/Emulator ROMs/Amiga/WHDLoad (2017-04-12)/WHDLoad Collection/Games-WHDLoad/Populous_v1.1_0069.lha"
(And for the FS-UAE question; no, you cannot launcher database games directly via FS-UAE. That kind of functionality is handled by Launcher/Arcade, not FS-UAE itself. FS-UAE - the emulator - knows nothing of the game database)
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Old 16 October 2017, 19:45   #7
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About launching with UUIDs, yes, you can execute something like:
 fs-uae-launcher.exe 41848a06-d4ab-53b0-a122-48903ec67ce5
In this context, 41848a06-d4ab-53b0-a122-48903ec67ce5, *is not a file*, and does not need to be in the current directory, or any directory, it is just a text given to fs-uae-launcher. So you cannot make it into a "file" and try to give it to the launcher as a file.

(I believe you are thinking about a wrapper someone created which could accept files named as UUIDs, which in turn started fs-uae-launcher with the UUID as a parameters. But this is not part of FS-UAE [Launcher]).

If you just want to start FS-UAE by giving it an .lha/.zip file, the easiest way is to start fs-uae-launcher[.exe] with the path to the archive. FS-UAE Launcher will even automatically try to find the corresponding game database entry if the database is present, and apply any additional options from the database.
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