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Lightbulb Developer looking for reference material.

Hi all,

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section, I couldn't really find an entirely appropriate board.

A long story short; Ever since I got my grubby hands on my first A500 nearly 20 years ago, I always wanted to learn how to develop games. Since then, I've grown up and moved on to become a professional developer in the PC world, but have recently rekindled my passion for the Amiga (just finished building my first A1200T, P5 Blizzard 68060, Mediator, Voodoo 5-5500, Networked etc. ).

I've started to turn my hand to putting together a game development framework that I can use to quickly build and prototype games for the A1200 and above. I've done a fair bit of work on the RTG side, but I would also like to add AGA support too.

My question is, does anybody know of any good reference material for the custom chips? I guess specifically at this moment I'm getting a little bit overwhelmed with bobs, gels, vsprites, coppers etc I'm working my way through graphics.library and simple API references don't really cut it.

I'm hoping to get heavily involved in Amiga game development, and I'm willing to make an investment in a good set of books (that specifically cover the features of the A1200+) if necessary.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

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While I don't have any of the books you're after, I wish you the best of luck developing games for the Amiga. There are a few of us working on our own projects too, so it seems this year will be a good one for Amiga games!
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Truth seeker...
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Try these for AGA info:



Hardware Reference Manual (ECS chipset): http://pub.elowar.com/AmigaDev/Hardware_Manual.html
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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my friend, you need the ROM KERNAL REFERENCE MANUAL, i would suggest both digital (might find it on aminet) and a hard copy which comes up from time to time on ebay. OR you could request a copy on AmiBay www.amibay.com

good luck with your quest, if theres any further way i can help you, just PM me.
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Awesome! The RKM:Libraries reference was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the tip Zetr0.

I found an online version on the same site Steve mentioned (thankyou!) - here.

I might see if I can also dig up a hardcopy as it looks to be a great reference.

The hardware reference will be really useful too. I'm slowly starting to get my head around the architecture a little.

If anybody else has any additional references that they think may be handy, please do still let me know.

Thanks again for the assistance so far, and the warm welcome

*heads back to figuring out why ptreplay.library::PTFade() is screwing up the audio hardware on exit *

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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good luck with your endeavors, i look forward to seeing some of the fruits of your labour!

OH BTW!!!!

welcome to the EAB, theres plenty of mischief to get up to around here, so please, take some time from away from the code and enjoy the honey coated retr0licous that this board provides.
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Welcome to the EAB,if you don't know the developing games for the Amiga take a look to my blog.I hope to include a project yours soon
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I'm also planning on coding some games for 1200's...thanks for the info
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