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Large Hard Drive issues...

Hey Guys,

I went through all the threads related to large hard drives, and I think I have done everything listed, and I am still having an interesting issue that isn't addressed anywhere, that I can find anyways...

I am using an 18 gig IBM Travelstar 2.5 hd, internally on a 1200 030 / 32megs

I used a 3.9 setup in WinUAE to config and setup / load the drive. The boot partition is 2gigs, with a second work partition of 2 gigs, and the remaining space is in a 3rd partition, just over 14.5gigs.

Actually, I just went back to look so I didn't make any mistakes in this post, and hdtoolbox is reporting the drive as 16.8 gigs, which is fine, but it is only letting me partition up to 8 gigs of the drive. Does anyone know how to fix this or get around it?

Thanks, Info-Seeker!
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Probably a bug in HDToolbox. Try this: http://aminet.net/package/disk/misc/fixhddsize
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Damn Thomas!

I could not have asked for faster service at the drive through! That app worked right out of the chute! After I ran it HDToolBox came right up with an extra 9 gigs of space. I made DH2: my games partition so I could load up the full whdload and what not, so I just deleted the 4 gig and expanded it to just shy of 13 gigs.

Last time I set this 1200 up I didn't know about the 4gig file limitations nor anything else related to large hard drives. I missed the Amiga scene as a kid courtesy of our Friendly Neighborhood Secret Service goons, and a few years ago I decided to try and recapture part of my miss spent youth. After 2+ days of ftping over the whdload set to my 4 gig partition that happened to be above the 4gig threshold, I played a few games of Pinball Dreams and rebooted to a dead 1200.

I really appreciate the rapid reply, and the fact that you were right as well!

Thanks a heap man!

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