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After 'playing around' with it for a while, I turned my attention to my other 1200.
This one is a bit different... You have to start it up while holding down both buttons.
Which takes you to the grey boot-options screen. Click at the bottom left button and it boots to the Workbench screen.
This machine appears to have more stuff in it - so I took out the five screws from the back and looked inside.
The first thing I saw was a MicroBotics Expansion Board with 8 Megs of Ram on it.
I was puzzled at first......'What is an Expansion card ?"
Is it similar to an Accelerator card ? Or is it something else completely ?
Well I figured - I'll look it up and find out. But I had difficulty finding out about it at first.
I went back and had another look at the card , and underneath the bank of 8 ram chips, I
saw MBX 1200z printed there.
And this time I found it. There was a photo and a pdf file that I downloaded, and read all about it. I learned that it had a 68881 FPU on it.
The thing is... I can't remember what a FPU is. I vaguely remember that it's a Floating point unit. And it uses the math library, I think , but that's all I know. I don't know what it's for.
I had another look inside and found there's a Data Flyer 1200 SCSI+ expansion card in there as well (?)
I followed the flat grey connecting cord which goes all the way to the other side of the computer , then underneath the Floppy-Drive and comes out the back corner, where the little plastic tab cover was... so now I have an extra socket back there.
I'm not sure what this is for... I will be able to plug things in there... but what ?
I will have to do some research on this.
Let's see now, what else is in there ? Hmmm , there's a HardDrive in the cradle.
But it's Not one of those 4-Gig Flash Card thingies. this looks like it might be out of a LapTop. It has a Toshiba logo on it, and numbers HDD2216. It appearsto be 120 MB (?)
Ummm, oh yes , there's a little card that fits the PCMCIA slot. It is entitled "EtherLink III"
and it's a LAN PC card. It has a short little connecting cord plugged in the back. I don't know what this is for , but I guess its for connecting to the Internet. I had no plans for going online with this machine , but I will perhaps get around to it later.
The only other thing that I could mention, is that it all runs off a BigFoot 500 Watt Power Supply.
This machine seems to be more powerful, but there's nothing in there. I was looking and there's a drawer marked Games and in it there's drawers from A to Z... and they're all empty.
And there's a drawer marked Demos - and it's empty
And there's a drawer marked Applications - and it's empty too.
I'm trying to read between the lines here , and it looks like the previous owner was happy to sell his computer, but didn't want to let me have his games and stuff.
So he has gone and emptied out everything that was in there.
I think this is a big fat powerful computer, with nothing in it.
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Since I had the back off , of my number 2 computer,
I decided to pull out the MicroBotics card - It came out easily enough.
And then I stuck it into my number 1 computer.
And it was at that point that I discovered that it was a lot harder to plug
it in, than it was to pull it out.
Believe it or not , it took me 10 or 15 minutes struggling to get it lined up.
It looked so easy , but it just wouldn't go in.
Some more wiggling and suddenly it was in !
It was on , and I don't know what I did that was different ???
Anyway it was fitted on nicely so I turned on the computer and it booted up.
This time, when I tried viewing 8-Ham images, they came up quickly - no bother.
And I had no problems playing the animations , I tried them all.
Hmmm, it must be that 8 meg of ram on that card.
So I fired up Sysinfo and had another look.
My Goodness , now, when I look at memory, I see that I have 2 MB of chip Ram
and 8 MB of Fast Ram.
When I clicked on SCSI before , nothing happened.
Now I get a reading
ID ....Type .... Manuf .... Model .... Ver
0 ...... Disk .... CF .......... Card ...... Ver-2
When I clicked on Boards before , nothing happened
Now I get a reading for 2 of them
Board .... Type .... Product .... Manuf
Zorro ..... II ......... 193 ............ MicroBotics
Zorro ..... II ......... 129 ............ Microbotics
When I click on Speed, I'm not sure how to read this one,
but the red line looks more than twice what it was before.
And finally - I've got a clock !
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The last 2 or 3 weeks have been spent exploring the drawers that I find in my HardDrive.
Memorizing where everything is, and gradually re-learning all the Amiga knowlege that I have forgotten.
I have acquired a large pile of notes that I have been writing on sheets of paper.
So these posts are fairly easy to put together.
I am simply gathering chunks of my 'progress' and copying it over...
I see here a note to myself, to find out the difference between a 68030 and a 68EC030.
I must look-up what's the significance of that 'EC'
I see some processors come with or without a MMU
There's another thing I have to Lookup and understand...
When I was ordering the ACA1220 from Amigakit , my eyes were straying down to another board, that was a A1232/33...
Intuitively I figured that this one would be better... It obviously had more guts in it that the ACA1220. But I hesitated - there was a MMU in it - and I didn't know what that was for.
And as I was diddling around , I noticed that it was 'Unavailable' right now.
So I chose the 1220 one.
I see now that they will be IN on the 11th Nov... and that's next week
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For the last couple of days I have been thinking about those empty Drawers (on both my computers)
And a bit of exploring eventually led me to a site called ClassicWB.

After examining the LITE version I now see that this is what I have got installed on my computers..
Well that kinda answers my question about where this program came from... and then as I read the docs that accompany it, I now realise that this is just the first half of the program.
The other half of it is the 'TRANSFER' part - the part where all the adf images on my PC get transfered over to the Amiga.
Suddenly I get all excited , I now see what I have to do. I have to proceed with the second half of this operation, by copying over these files from the Cloanto/AmigaForever program on my PC, over to the HardDrive of my Amiga.
I note that this process comes from someone called Bloodwych who is a member on the EAB.
I can see that this is kinda complicated, and will need a lot of studying .
Because I would like to understand what I'm doing before I attempt this operation.
I think I will leave this part for later. I have to do a bit more research and studying first, to get some confidence. I need to find out more about this.
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Old 09 November 2013, 23:15   #85
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On the subject of 'Transfering' ADFs from my PC to my Amiga...
I remember last year, I spent over six months studying the AmigaForever program.
I started off as a complete dummy knowing nothing about it, but after struggling with it for a long time I finally figured it out and managed to set up my PC to play a shipload of Games, Demos, Applications, and other stuff.
Then at some point, I thought I knew all there was to know about transfering Amiga files onto
this PC windoze, so stopped doing that and moved on to something else.
But now I see that I just learned to do Half of it.
And now I find that I don't know anything about transfering files back the other way... from PC to Amiga. I have to learn this all over again (groan)
From what I see so far, chapter2 is much more complicated than what chapter1 was.
Looks like I will need some help.
So I cast around for a while , and then I found www.fitzstevesamigaworld.co.uk/
Okay so now I had a video that showed how it was done.
And I have played it over and over many times - watching the bit that concerns me.
And I watch how he copies a game-file over , with an accompanying screenshot and moves it to the appropriate drawer that it's supposed to go into.
But it's so hard to pause the action to see what line he's clicking on and read it , and write it down on a sheet of paper, and then unpause to see what the next mouse-click is.
It's so easy to get lost - I just wish there was a way to slow down a YouTube video, so that I could keep up with the moves that he's clicking on.
This is going to be harder than I thought.
There is one glimmer of hope that I saw in his presentation - he says that if it is still too complicated for you , he can do it for you for a fee of ten pounds.
Hmmm, I will have to look into that.
I would gladly pay him to perform this task for me.
Ten ponds is nothing to me...it's better than using up another 6 months of my life , struggling to learn AmigaForever just to learn how to perform one lousy transfer opperation.
I wonder how he does this...
Does this Service take place online ? Or does he just send me a disk , or what ?
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Here's another project that I've been working on.
Several months ago, I got a EASYADF PCMCIA Transfer kit from Amigakit.com
Plus the installation disk and a 4 Gig SanDisk Compact Flash disk.
This was Long before I got my 1200... But I knew I would need one some day.
So I bought it - and it's been sitting around until now.
Anyways... I recently had a go at installing it in my 'new' 1200
I plugged it in and ran the software.
Then when I looked at my SysInfo , I saw that I had another Drive.
And it's called CF0:
I was pretty excited about this, because although I am just a 'beginner'
I managed to do something right - and it appears to be working.
On my PC computer, I see a slot that says CompactFlashI/II/MD
This is an input that I have never used. (never had a use for it before)
So I stuck my SanDisk in there, and a little green light came on.
(I never noticed that was there before) and then a new window appeared on the screen.
I realised that I was looking at the contemts of my FlashCard - but there was nothing in there yet.
So I opened up my Cloanto program and navigated thru' AmgaForever till I got to where all my ADF files were.
Then I quickly copied over a whole bunch of assorted Games, Demos and Apps.
Then, as an afterthought, I included a few RP9 files.
So then I took that disk out of the PC and walked over to my Amiga.
I inserted the disk into the PCMCIA thingie and plugged it into the "credit-card slot"
And up popped a new icon on my Workbench
I was tremendously excited at this point - and the Icon said CF0:NDOS
Hmmm , I wonder what that means...???
And when I clicked on it - I get a message that says The Icon(s) have no Default Tool.
Hmmm , I wonder what that means... ???
And of course, I now realise that what I had done was not the right way to do it
I ran SysInfo and had a look at the Drive CF0:
And it says Drive/Disk Type ...... No Disk Inserted
and in ........Volume Name .......... oNuR.0'NuNqS.0'loJ.o&l0jn0$koNu/0'
So that garbled message looks like Amiga can't read the Windoze contents.
Oh well - Game Over - back to square one.
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You know , at the beginning of this thread, I was thinking about buying an A570
for playing the big CDs that we used to get, attached to the Front Covers of
Amiga Format , CU Amiga, Amiga Shopper, and lots of others...
We talked about it some , but eventually that idea fizzled out, because somebody said that
it wasn't up-to-date enough to handle the later programs of those years that were
too intensive for a A500 to handle...
And suggested that it might be better to wait and get a CD-player that was designed
for a A1200 instead.
Well , now that I've got a 1200 , I have started to think about getting a CD-Player again.
Only now, the A1200 doesn't have that side connecting slot that the A500 had.
So an A570 wouldn't be able to plug in the side of a 1200.
So where would you plug it in ?
Are there more recent CD-players that plug into the Serial Port ?
Or what about that Extra Port that I now have on the Right-Rear corner of my
other A1200 ? Coming off that Data-Flyer thingie, it looks like it's maybe a scsi port.
Could I plug a CD-Player into that ?
I don't know much about CD players - where would be a good place to look and see what make and models are available ?
I have to find out what I need. That's going to be my next project.
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Another old idea I had back on page 1 of this thread was
I was ranting about the 'new' old AmigaA1200s that AmigaKit was selling.
I saw that you could order tham the way you wanted, and have
extra goodies added, to customize them to suit your own preferences.
It sounded like a good idea, until I had a look at what was available, and
that's where my hopes were dashed, because they only made up PAL versions.
I was angry at them for not having a NTSC version for sale.
So I gave up and decided to forget that idea.
But lately I have been thinking - well why don't I just build one myself ?
I went back and re-read a post from Viserion.
A member from Oslo/Norway.
And he was saying that Vesalia has still got some A1200 motherboards in stock.
All I would have to do is buy a CHEAP Pal version 1200 for less than $200.
I could rip out the old motherboard, and plant a NTSC MB in it's place.
It seems to be do-able. And I have gone through the steps in my mind ,
and it seems to be easy enough.
Unless there's something else that I need to do...
Something I haven't thought of... like configuring it , or something like that ?
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Here's a curiosity that I found on the Internet. It's called AmiKIT.
I can't remember where I got it - just stumbled on it accidently while
looking for something else... you know what I mean.
At first I thought it was an Amiga program, but I clicked on it - and it loaded up,
on my PC computer. I was so surprised... I wasn't really expecting it to load up.
But there it was , with a lot of Amiga icons and stuff. I could recognise some programs.
How could this be ?
Experimentely, I clicked on DirOpus, and up it came
And the left side was full of Amiga stuff.
I couldn't believe it. How come I have never heard about this before ???
I noticed a couple of icons up on the top left corner - one was WinDH_C
and the other was DaneElec8GB. They looked familiar, somehow.
I loaded them into Dir Opus and they turned out to be the main directory of
my Windows C drive. and the other one was an 8 Gig memory stick that I had parked in my front USB port , named Dane Electric.
Oh , I see - well what's that down at the bottom ?
I see NetSurf , A-Web , IBrowse, there's even a Mail program and a Chat-room.
And they all appear to be functioning ... I wonder if I can get online ?
But wait a minute, this is all backwards - what I really want to know is
can I load AmiKIT up on a AMIGA ???
That's what I want to know
Funny thing - my ScreenGrabber doesn't capture the page that I'm looking at.
I keep jabbing at the F5 key , but it won't take a picture... That's strange.
Well all right then, I'll just use my camera and take a picture of my monitor screen.
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