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AOS 4.1 problems on A4000T

I really do not get this.

Have installed this before with any issue.

After gotten my Cyberstorm repaired a while a go I have let it be for a while because of other projects.

Now I tried installing AOS 4.1FE and I get so far as to run Media Toolbox, right until the moment I try to save it to disk.

Then I get "Couldn't writew RDB to disk! Write error in sector 0".
I have tried several disks, and even got "new" disk that I would be very surprised of having any contact with an Amiga in their life.

I also tried a Jaz drive, and there I could write to disk, but sadly not install to it.

Probably tried 3-4 disk, and same problem an all of them.

I have active termination at the beginning and end of disk. Only other unit on chain is a cd-rom.

Hdd has id 0, cd-rom has id 1,m and Jaz(when installed) has id 4.

Tried to change RDBBlocksLo from 0-4, and no difference.

Also tried low level format one of the HDDs I have tried, but still nothing.

Any ideas of what is going on.

Don't have a working SCSI controller in a PC, so can't try via emulation.
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Try HDToolbox from OS 3 or SCSITools from the CybPPC SCSI tools disk.
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Think I am going to give up on this till I get a SCSI card I can use in my PC.

Tried most of today to get it working.

With HDInstTools I can save and change the HD, but when starting Media tools it claims part of RDB is damaged and something was lost/truncated.

I am there for back to start regarding installing OS 4.1 FE.

There are also problems with CD-rom sometimes not being recognized. Missing uaefx.device or something like that.

This is to my knowledge part of the *uae emulating/custom drivers for the Amiga.

Some times it will load sometimes not. Can't understand why it do one thing or the other.

AS the CPU is a 060 it's a bit difficult too boot from floppy(gotek), to test from os3 or the cybppc disk as I could not get it to boot.
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Got some news.

Swapped the SCSI cable, and now it saves to disk, installs and boots.
New cable is a bit short, and not enough connectors.

Very impractical that Phase 5 didn't add termination to the card.

Next is to get the Adriane detected and working, and also the ATAPI zip drive to be detected.
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