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Incorrect ROM ID strings for A1200 Blizzard hardware

This is a minor issue, but one that did cause me a few minutes of genuine confusion, and it seems like an easy fix. The main ROM scanner returns incorrect ID strings for some of the A1200 Blizzard ROMs. I'm talking about the main ROM scanner--on the Paths panel--not the ROM ID strings for devices on the Expansions panel, which are correct.

The relevant ROMs are listed below. The incorrect IDs are indicated with a '*' followed by the correct strings that should appear instead. The SCSI ROMs don't ID by themselves, because these SCSI devices are add-ons for accelerators, and cannot function independently. The device ROMs they depend on are also listed below, but the dependencies are all correct.

As you may recall, the Blizzard 1230-IV and Blizzard 1260 accelerators both use the same SCSI ROM--the Blizzard SCSI Kit IV--but will show up as different devices depending on which accelerator it is used with.

ROM File Present | Scanner Identifies As

Blizzard 1230-III | Blizzard 1230-III

*Blizzard SCSI Kit III | Blizzard 1260 (Dep: Blizzard 1230-III)
Should be: | Blizzard 1230-III/SCSI

Blizzard 1230-IV | Blizzard 1230-IV

*Blizzard SCSI Kit IV | Blizzard 1230-III/SCSI (Dep: Blizzard 1230-IV)
Should be: | Blizzard 1230-IV/SCSI

*Blizzard 1240/1260 | Blizzard 1230-IV/SCSI
Should be: | Blizzard 1260

Blizzard SCSI Kit IV | Blizzard 1260/SCSI (Dep: Blizzard 1260)

* = Incorrect Identification
All Dependencies Are Correct


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Toni Wilen
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"ROM ID string" does not mean much..

Do you mean the text box that lists detected stuff after scan? It is known to have crap design and lacks also many new items..
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Yes, I am referring to the text box that appears after doing a ROM scan from the Paths panel.

I am aware that the list has not been kept up to date, and that the benefits of doing so probably outweigh the required effort. I only chime in about this particular instance of ROM (mis)identification, because it results in output of incorrect or misleading information, which as I said, caused me some confusion.

The internal logic is already in place and works correctly; only 3 strings need to be changed for the output to be correct.
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