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Good evening,
We've reached the point in development of Aminer when we can say it's going to be released sooner rather than later. Last mile I would say.

Game has own itch.io project page now.


check it out, try the game, leave a comment please. Here, there, wherever you like. We loooove criticism.

So, whats on the table right now?

Finishing up and balancing main goal of the game that is mining plans. Then we need to wrap up side quests (part of ideas and gfx is ready), add rest of the content to Commrade, some finishing touch here and there and we're ready to send this baby into the wild...

Take care
LMC Team
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Wow.. thats awesome looking.
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Nice one guys
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Amiga NetRunner
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Looks nice!. Will try on my 500 with the aca board as soon as i get home.
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CON: artist
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Looks great I'll try it on my phone at some point.
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- Sir... Commrade 500... What is it?
- probably some new Soviet technology. We had some residual information from one of the scientists that got away to our side that they are working on some new device... handheld computer with high computing power... Company sent some of our best boys over there to get one of those gizmos but Commies got them all and sent them back... bagged and tagged.
- What happened? they didn't knew the customs?
- They did...
- language?
- All fluent russian speakers...
- papers not right?
- papers was top notch...
- so... why they got busted Sir?
- Turns out they dont have black people there....
- Sir, it has buttons... oh! its turned on! look, Sir...

"... est news.
Fellow Countrymen... Citizens...
Our Motherland grows in strenght and prosperity. Central Committee supported by labor and peasant masses leads us towards bright future. Right now we are one step ahead before western imperialists practically in every aspect of life although our industry is only at half its capacity. For instance, by the decision of Department of Mining and Fossile Fuels in the coming quarter a new Mine will open which main goal except of mining, will be to fulfill plans laid out by the First Secretary at the annual XXXIV National Delegates Congress. Those goals as is commonly known assume search for new ore deposits and most effective exploration of existing ones. This highly important task was given to a group of carefully selected Comrades Directors, top specialists in their own fields of expertise..."

- All right, turn it off. What do we know about this new Mine?
- not much so far, Sir. Supposedly they will open it somewhere in Poland but thats no solid news yet. Last week contact smuggled some microfilms, we think it contains pictures of people from its management but we lack more data..
- show me

Pan Mietek

Pan Mietek is the Main Technologist at the facility He holds a title of Insz.talator.
Knows all about electricity, weather and camshafts. Uranium ore from copper recognizes by taste and can do one litre in 12 secs. He's got black belt... in working suit and is 5 times Champion in Leaning on Concrete Mixer after the Shovel was broken.
True founding stone of our enterprise.

Pan Komisarz

He knows everything, sees everything and will report everything to the Central Committee. He has hooks on everybody and if he doesn't - its even worse. In his youth they told him he will not achieve much but nowadays there is nobody to confirm that. Correspondence to Syberia leaves much to be desired. He organizes appeals to the crew and as part of social acts teaches workers what is spacetime by ordering them to dig ditches from here till 3 p.m.

Pani Krystyna

Head Accountant of the enterprise. When she opens the books hell freezes. She talks to the numbers. With closed eyes files in tax return forms. With stopwatch. She has a soft spot for chocolate, coffee and tights. Well placed gift can open vast and immeasurable levels of Creative Accounting

Pan Urzednik

"(...)Comrades, we must be aware that in face of complex economic tasks and in difficult and full of threats international situation, vital interests of our Nation requires high discipline and prudence of everyone, requires sense of responsibility for the Country. And I say more - it is our universal, patriotic duty. Our meeting lefts us with huge load of tasks. We should take it into consideration and after rethinking take actions that will ensure obtaining better results in the second half of year then in the first one. (...)"

He will ensure that annual, quarterly and monthly plans are implemented with due diligence.
Absolutely incorruptible.... with low amounts

-that is all, Sir.
- All right... get me more intel on that matter, confidentially. When situation cools down a bit we'll try to send someone there again. Keep me informed!
- Sir, yes, Sir!
- ok, turn it on again, lets see what they broadcast now.
- hmm... transmission interrupted, Sir...

- Riiiight... coincidence? I wonder how much of coincidence was in the fact that their plane crashed on our side and we managed to pull this Commrade out of the wreckage... Send it to the Lab. Strip it apart, find out how it works. I want full report on my desk day after tomorrow. In the morning.
-Sir, yes, Sir!
- Dismiss!

Dears, new build available at https://lastminutecreations.itch.io/aminer

We have working plans now with time to fulfill them, couple of tech bugs removed.
Check it, test it, let us know what U think.

Till next update Comrades.
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Ex nihilo nihil

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Excellent !
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Great work, Can't wait to give it a go when time permits!
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Thank you guys for kind words but "like a desert miss the rain" we miss bug reports and criticism. We really do.
Please, test it on your configs, let us know if you find any bugs.
Thank you in advance.
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