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I was late: got an A600 in Christmas 1992.

Why? A computer was not something most people had in South America. Only the few who could afford one had one. I was not one of them.
I think computer possession became more commonplace around the early 2000s when PC prices plummeted and people started to see a computer was an essential part of everyday life. Before that, it was just a freak hobby usually reserved for the rich elite.

Both my first two computers (C128 in 1990, late again, and the A600 in 1992) were a present from a relative who lived in Europe, otherwise, I probably would have grown up without a computer. I am glad I didn't, though.

It's always interesting to read these stories from the US or European perspective because they are so damn different. Most of those stories take ownership of a computer in childhood for granted.
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