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I guess it needs to be a computer with a controller/joystick to count as gaming, so around 1983 with a borrowed Apple-II. Before that, I guess arcades came near me just a year before or something. Neighbor had one of those TV 10-in-1 games, but those were fun for about 2 minutes...
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Miggy Ate My Hamster!
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I've been gaming for almost 20 years (since i was a little kid ). It mainly started with the good old A500 that my dad owned... and i used to play with my mates C64 and Speccy at the time. I think my first game's console was a Gameboy (the original) and then a Sega Megadrive when they first got released in the UK (back when Christmas and birthday's got me all excited ).
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Stuck in the 80s

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Since around 1985/6... although not much till 1990 when I got my A500.

1980's was a mix of Speccy/Sega but never used them to such an extent as the Amiga...

So I'd say 1990 - 1999 was my gaming paradise

These days I don't do gaming at all hardly and if I do I keep it solely with the Amiga as the new generation stuff is as entertaining as a woman covered in cold custard
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I am an Amiga man.
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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
These days I don't do gaming at all hardly and if I do I keep it solely with the Amiga as the new generation stuff is as entertaining as a woman covered in cold custard
Sounds like heaven Paul! I love cold custard!! I'd perhaps change that to something like large cold sprouts.... Seriously though I agree with what you're saying about new generation games.
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Alien Breeder
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I played first Pooyan and Wizard of Wor on C64... It was happened around 1984 or something. I'm still in love with the 16bit era... this will not change, that's a fact.
If I have a chance to live a virtual world, I'd select the 8bit planar modes instead of the ultramodern 3D soulness.
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Chequered Flag and Horace goes Skiing absolute first memories on a Spectrum ( seems to be the starter for many).

It was on a black and white portable TV which sat on a tea towel to stop scratching the desk.

Probably around 1985? So long time!
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I believe the first games I played at home were Citadel on the Acorn Electron and Snake Bite on the Commodore VIC-20.
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1979 While in Hong Kong we had a machine at home that allowed for 3 different types of game to be played.Wish i knew what it was exactly but there appears to be many clones of the thing i'm thinking of- it had a Stunt Cycle type game for it, also a vertical racer with two split vertical screens i think, and another i can't think of.I loved that Stunt Cycle game.A good 30 years then, although i was hardly what could have been called a gamer, being that i enjoyed the occasional session on this thing

My first experience of a game was i think when we went to our local bowling alley.There we would play Moon Cresta with it's iconic starting and docking melody.Not sure if this experience came before our home console though

I got an Atari2600 at christmas 81 having seen space invaders running on one- my mum told me we were going to see a pinball machine lol but of course she wasn't to know.I had to have one of these amazing things and was lucky to get one soon after.I guess this was the actual time i started investing heavily into games.Fantastic memories of this awesome time.Thankfully i was lucky to have a decent set of parents for which i'm truely grateful

Happy days

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'79 on vacation in Spain I saw first time the Asteroids arcade and spent a good lot of coins into it - so absorbing... soon had to buy a 2600 to satisfy my passion for gaming.
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Got the C= spark again :)
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The first game I played was a "tanks" game on a relative's self-assembled computer (you had to assemble the computers yourself back then - at least I think you couldn't just walk to a shop and buy a computer here in Finland). This guy was studying or researching computers at the time.

I was in pre-school, 6 years old - that was in 1978.

I remember that game fondly, and about 10 years later I made my own version of the game for the Amiga - we had a *really* good time sampling the sound effects with my friends

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Moon Monkey
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My first gaming was on the lcd games (Race N Chase, Astro Wars, Frogger etc). I remember going round Camden market with parents (around '81?) and they got me a couple of the handhelds - plus I still own these and they still work great today.

I then went on to get a commodore plus4, then a speccy, A500... etc.

So I've been gaming for about 30 years? Christ I'm getting old! lol
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Citizen of Elthesh
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My first video game was Plutos on an A500 in late '90 or early '91, not sure. Maybe some cheap Tele-Pong before that, not sure either.

Edit: Oh and there were also cheap little portable LCD things, but I have no clue if before or after.

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Had the Fairchild Channel F for christmas in 1976, started my addiction then...
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Qun Mang
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I don't think I've rung in on this topic as I don't post much. I am not sure what was first- the Atari VCS (2600) my brother and I got for Christmas around '79 or '80, or when my father would drag me to the college he used to attend and hand me a stack of quarters to use in the games in what I would guess was the student center. I played many a game of Asteroids there. What is more vivid is my arcade addiction around '82/'83 when I would constantly hang around arcades.
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Stuck in the 80s

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You struck a chord with me there... totally forgot about the arcades! I never went to many but remember playing Bubble Bobble till level 100 with a mad Greek in the late 80's whilst on holiday We finished it, the machine was probably loaded with coins by then

They also had 'Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja'. Still love that game... Shadow Dancer is in the same league.. love those kind of setups.
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