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Old 28 September 2005, 00:01   #81
Mr Kipling
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The Cruiser Turbo and quickshot pro 2 were the ones for me. Years of playing SWOS finished them both off though unfortunatley, but they were great sticks, especially the cruiser
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Old 28 September 2005, 01:16   #82
Angry Kid Fan
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Atari 2600

But I also got two no-name brands at a computer fair in 1996. They are now so extensively used that the screws on the handle are rusted and the silver word 'joystick' has been worn away. But they work just fine despite all the IK+ abuse.
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Old 28 September 2005, 08:04   #83
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Microswitched competition pros all the way, baby.

Especially the Star Extra variety with autofire + slomo.

Used to hate and still hate the TAC-2. There's an overrated joystick, if there ever was one. :-)
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Old 28 September 2005, 16:10   #84
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I have a HotRodSE, which I bought years ago and it's still very responsive. This rocks for MAME32. The XArcade is also good (plus has the added ability over the HotRodSE that it can be used on consoles as well as PCs) but I've heard that it's not as reponsive as the HotRodSE...

For WinUAE and SNES emulators I used an XBox USB 4 x JoyPad adapter. This rocks...

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Old 03 October 2005, 01:43   #85
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On my C64, then Amiga, I used a Delta 2000...

I remember hating it at first, then loving it....after getting used to it everything else felt crap! I don't think many of the old style joysticks sat naturally in the hand (at least not mine). You had to persevere and get used to them.
Old 03 October 2005, 04:44   #86
Amiga NetRunner
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I have a Comp. pro for my 500 that performs well, but the only thing i think it faults is in not having suctioncups for fixing in the table, but through all the systems i had, the best controller i had used was the n64 controller. Also i had one in my computer via usb, it's superb, a very well stacked position of buttons.
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Old 03 October 2005, 06:22   #87
Workbitch 1.3

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Man that thing looks like the only joystick with stealth technology. Some sharp angles on it though.
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Old 03 October 2005, 20:26   #88
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The one and only original Atari 2600 Joystick...
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Old 17 October 2005, 07:52   #89
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For me it is the Boss joystick. It was first used on the C64, then when I got the 2000 i just moved it over.
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Old 17 October 2005, 22:27   #90
A-Collector, repairments

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Old 16 December 2006, 13:53   #91
Stuck in the 80s

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Lightbulb Your favourite/preferred joystick?

Just wondering which stick you like to play the majority of your games on?

Pics of collections would be nice

Erm here's my favourite;

that is all
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Old 16 December 2006, 14:13   #92
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I don't like joysticks... I also have one of these lol...
my fav for amiga use is the honeybee cd32 joypad and even better for normal games is the logic3 Action Pad AM

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Old 16 December 2006, 14:36   #93
Ya' like it Retr0?
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Behold the power of the


understand.... and behold the infinite power.....
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Old 16 December 2006, 14:41   #94
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No pics unfortunately, but I own and use 2 old and excellent ALBATROS joysticks!
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Old 16 December 2006, 14:47   #95
Into the Wonderful
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Quickjoy Topstar
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Old 16 December 2006, 14:57   #96
Into the Wonderful

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Although Im actually using a Comp Pro Mini with my A500 atm
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Old 16 December 2006, 15:08   #97
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Quick Shot Professional QS-130F was my first joystick. Still prefer something in a similiar style, never felt comfortable with smaller joysticks like the Competition Pro. In WinUAE I'm using a Logitech WingMan Interceptor.
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Old 16 December 2006, 15:11   #98
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my favorites Classic joystick are from the Commodore C64 Era:
Quickshot 2 (black) , Quickshot II Turbo (red) spring contacts , Competition Pro 500 (black)
and the Competition Pro (yellow buttons) above but normal size

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Old 16 December 2006, 15:22   #99
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look here for nostalgia moments http://www.kickoffworld.net/wiki/ind...title=Joystick
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Old 16 December 2006, 15:23   #100
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