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The ZipStick I bought from amigajoysticks.co.uk a couple of months feels totally different from the one I owned 10 years ago.

Comparing it to a mates 1 from 10 years ago, mineit different miscroswitches in it and feels of a lower quality. I took it apart to have a look and it has cheap PCB mounted push button switches. Has anyone else come across this when buying a new one recently?
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Andrew - yes I've noticed this a few years back when my newer cruisers broke but my original kept on going!

Below is a post I wrote a few months back on the subject:

There is a reason why the earlier joystick models last longer than the newer ones.

The first ever Cruiser multicoloured joystick I bought (with the batman pack) still works 100% fine even today after hundreds of hours of abuse. As do many of my older joysticks I bought before this.

Several I purchased at a later date (including more cruiser models) seemed to break much more easily.

For example, the newer cruisers would last 6 months before a microswitch would give out luckily still under warranty.

"Why?" I thought, so I opened them up.

To my surprise ALL the "solid" earlier models had METAL microswitches installed.
The later "frail" attempts had cheap plastic microswitches.

The plastic microswitches may have been cheaper, but with the amount of returns and high failure rate they can't of been a sound choice. Yet still they used them. Oh well.

It was part of this thread

THEY DON'T MAKE EM LIKE THEY USE TO is most definitely a true saying.
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Old 19 May 2002, 22:28   #43
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My favourite joystick is the Quickshot-II and it's microswitch models.
I had about 3 of them in use, I think ( now have about 10 of them which came with all the computers I collect )
They lasted for about half a year, and after that the small metal plates inside broke. But that didn't stop me, and since I didn't have enough money to buy a new joystick every half of a year I replaced the metals by ones I took off from old batteries ! Oh, yes, that were the times
When I got my Amiga in about '90 ( had a C64 since '84 ) I also got a Quickshot-II-Turbo and a Quickshot-II-Plus. ( these are the microswitch models ) These were also great joysticks - even better than the normal Quickshot-II, but I couldn't repair them as easily.

Besides, also the Quickshot-Professional was very good.

On the PC I use a Logitech Thunderpad for playing PC games, and I use a Quickshot Python V whenever I test some games in an emulator ( for regular playing I use my real Amiga & Quickshot anyway )
The Quickshot Python V is a great thing because it looks exactly like the Quickshot Professional, but is in white and has a PC connector It is the only digital joystick I have for the PC ( the pad is no stick ), and it is GREAT for every emulator game, because I hate that PCish analogue sticks where you have to push kilometers in each direction
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Old 19 May 2002, 22:34   #44
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I had a good look around and found 2 of the old Zipstick microswitches from my old Zipstick from years ago. Top quality, robust switches compared to todays cheapo ones you can buy for less than 20p from Maplins

Your right - They dont make em like they used to
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Old 21 May 2002, 05:20   #45
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my fav joysstick was quickshot3(red and black)
with auto fire and i have still got them as i went
and bought 2 i could never get the hang of
the arcade stick(to big) but was great for the
holyfield boxing
Old 25 May 2002, 19:23   #46
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Is there any differences between the Zipstick and Cometition Pro joysticks? cause they look pretty much the same to me???

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Old 27 May 2002, 13:19   #47
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I had an old relic from my C64 called 'The Boss' ... it was grey with a black stick, chunky, and survived my abuse till it finally gave out a couple of years into the Amiga (it decided to stop going down and right, possibly due to years of Exploding Fist). I then bought a Cruiser, ripped apart an old Speedking for it's two button wiring and modified the Cruiser to have an alternate fire button. And that thing lasted me, and still works today
Old 29 May 2002, 00:40   #48
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Albatros was my first choice in joysticks, but i don't have a scan...
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Old 09 June 2002, 15:30   #49
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My favorite is definitely the Wico Bathandle (not the one with a red ball but just a plain red stick), it's awesome! I got them in 86 for my C128 and they're still as good as new, they seem to last forever even when handled rough in "wiggle games"! Too bad they don't work with the PC I have now or I'd use it for playing the PC games too!
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Old 11 July 2002, 11:30   #50
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Thumbs up

I still use it for my PC... The best joystick ever..
Old 11 July 2002, 21:06   #51
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the atari 2600 joystick was cool and almost unbreakable too
Old 12 July 2002, 00:26   #52
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Atari 2600 joysticks were the best at gauntlet on the c64......

i had a clear see through competition pro on the amiga, and a zipstick also, but prefered the pro.

back in 94 when i got a pc, i got a thrustmaster fcs, that was excellent.

my fav joystick ever has to be my current stick, sidewinder force feedback 2. its the dogs, and so precise.
Old 31 July 2002, 12:54   #53
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The CMS joystick. CMS is a Greek company, and it still produces them for both Amiga & PC. Anco recently bought 500 pieces from them. You can see it here:
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Mr Creosote
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Competition Pro was the most reliable one, but I always preferred the joystick buttons to be on top of the stick, so I always bought other models. The coolest one had a clock (!) included Don't remember the name though - and it broke only two weeks after I had bought it
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Old 31 July 2002, 22:27   #55
Wannabe asm coder ;)

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I've been using "Arcade" joysticks since my msx days... my 2 button version ("The Arcade Turbo" if i'm not mistaken) is now a rough 15 years old and still works like a charm But why shouldn't it with the fine "MADE IN HOLLAND" on the bottom... this confirms a old and wise saying... "It ain't much if it ain't dutch"

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Pipboy approved
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the tac-2 ofcourse, but as mentioned before they broke! I think I had about 5 or 6 tac-2's.

When playing games like "winter games" or "decathlon", you had to jank the joystick from side to side and eventually the ball that was attached to a pin inside the joystick broke!
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Old 01 August 2002, 00:10   #57
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Fuck man, you lot are BEASTS. How can you break that contact in the TAC-2? That's as solid as.... something very very very solid! :P

Summer Games needed fast movement, not HARD. Are you lot from thet "school" who always thought that jamming the controllers harder would make faster/stronger moves in the games? They were digital joysticks

I see kids on the arcades bashing the sticks with such fierce strength that I feel to hit them in the head with a baseball bat to show them what they are doing!

That's why you always find flaky/nonworking controllers in the arcades.
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Old 01 August 2002, 00:21   #58
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nope I wasn't one "of those...", they just broke down after hours and hours of stress to the material, it was nothing unusal about it... the material wasn't really that stron because it was, can't find the english word, uhm, poröst in swedish, lots of airbubbles in the steel...uhm Ahg I give up... hope you know what I mean
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QuickShot's Apache is good...
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500XJ Eypx by Konix Certainly not because it's the best... just that a pair came with my 2000

On joystick destruction: I remember playing some C64 game (I think it was called Kung Fu) with friends. The very combative nature of the game, along with mind altering substances, made for at least four dead joysticks (that I remember that is)

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