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Old 13 February 2002, 17:20   #21
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Thumbs up

I second that Aussie Joystick submission!!
I still have it today,but my old Amiga/C64 aren't really up to handling gaming anymore
But there was any number of times I hurled that joystick in anger & it took every blow & still worked superbly!!
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Old 15 March 2002, 17:49   #22
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my favourite is definatly 'The Arcade Joystick'

i hacked up a crappy USB joypad and added some firebuttoms.

ive had this joystick all the way back from the old Spectrum days and its still works great
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Old 16 March 2002, 06:02   #23
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Without a doubt it has to be the QUICKSHOT QS-130F PYTHON 1 JOYSTICK I mean what more could you ask for

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Old 16 March 2002, 06:06   #24
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My favorite has to be the Advanced Gravis. Nice large base, and sturdy. Lots of others soon busted on me, but these just kept on working.
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Old 22 March 2002, 02:02   #25
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Well mine has to be these:

Powerplay cruiser, even the sick green, blue, pink n yellow one
ive still got four of em, 2 black, 2 sicko colours LOL

my other fave is the Zipstick! i also have the competition pro version that i got back in my speccy days rock solid joysticks these...

i also have a fair few cheetah bugs including one that's never been used and is sitting in its original box! never even plugged the thing into an amiga to see if it works!

only downside is now iv'e put bloody XP on my pwee cee i cannot use directpad pro to use these on uae etc
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Old 22 March 2002, 04:41   #26
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The Star Cursor II joystick did rule especially when playing Speedball 2, but another favourite was the Tac 2. It had a ball on the top and 2 fire buttons, it was really good until it broke.
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Old 22 March 2002, 13:47   #27
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Best Joystick,

Ahhh The Tac2!!!!!!!!
Yeah they were a hardy joystick if there ever was one, and was classed the ultimate replacement for the Atari2600 joystick, they were both easily repaired. Mostly it was their fire buttons that just needed taking out and cleaning. Other than that I can honestly say it has to be one of the longest lasting joysticks ever made. That and the other ones I mentioned.
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Old 22 March 2002, 18:46   #28
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MAn, yeah, how could you BREAK a TAC2??? I love mine...

Im not sure about how to open it tho... it could use a button cleaning... Do you remember how it was done, Nian?
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Old 23 March 2002, 02:33   #29
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Evil grin

Well my TAC 2 actual directional stick stopped working, I guess I could try and find an allen key to open it up and see if it could be fixed. I think it finally died after a session of Shadow Of The Beast 2 and everybody knows how easy and calming that game is right?
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Old 23 March 2002, 03:38   #30
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Erm I havn't seen one for years but I am sure it just had normal screws or allen key screws on the bottom. I do know it wasn't that hard to open.
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Old 23 March 2002, 18:21   #31
Mad Mark
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ZIPSTICK, worked great even with flight sims
Old 25 March 2002, 20:26   #32
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Thumbs up Quickshot 2 turbo

cool design, fits nicely in the hand, a little bit brittle but so easy to repair... and I loved to play F18 interceptor with it
Old 26 March 2002, 19:35   #33
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I think the sound of microswitches clicking would drive me mental now Ive got used to the silence of analogue. But the Quickshot and the Zipstick were faves of mine too. Also the Comp pro was a good un.
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Old 27 March 2002, 00:30   #34
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Quickshot is my fave, does mould to the hand nicely, but I don't know about it being industructable, I still use the first one I got, but I bought another one just in case.
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Old 15 May 2002, 15:54   #35
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Without a doubt, the ZipStick was the best - triple fire, sturdy as a rock and (almost) unbreakable.

Especially good for Team 17's Waggle-O-Mania.
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Old 15 May 2002, 18:23   #36
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Thumbs down

For all the vaunted improvemnets with analog control, I still prefer the old microswitches & solid joysticks. At least you knew you were pushing/clicking thrashing everything properly!
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Old 16 May 2002, 03:05   #37
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Ahhh Tunes Make you play more easily

My Faveourite was the Zip stick too! (still have 2 now but don't use real amiga anymore )

i also tried cheetah 125, Comp pro's (the last i had was the crystal blue / chrome shaft/buttons one it shatterd very easily when i chucked it at the wall) My Friend and I were very competative at kick off-Goal/sensi Loosing was a matter to bash/break/snap/throw your joystick.

The Arcade stick pictured in one of the other messages was also very good.

I thought all suncom joysticks sucked big time as did Quickshot lower than II even the qsII+Turbo the Skeleton microswitches where crap at which time i stopped using em! i also tried the Master system/Mega drive controllers but playing goal/sensi was nigh on impossible!

The worst joysticks of the lot where leaf switchers they where pants (ie cheetah 125+) etc some where so bad i don't even want to remeber them

Special Mention goes to Konix speedking they where good for certain games but again not for footy games! anyone remeber the endurance test they did with the drill and a waggle game???
it still holds the record i bet

Also what was looking good was the Konix gamesystem i dunno the name now but was in Ace Computer magazine (still have some of those ) it was gonna be a new console that had 3 modes 1: Bike sim mode, 2: Yoke/driving mode 3: shootem up games. Eventually it came out as a controller for PC but looked too cheap to buy!

Maybe one or two rusty memory's here
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Old 16 May 2002, 15:10   #38
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My fav joystick was the Quick Joy Topstar, with auto fire, slow motion, and a funky see through base

I can't remember the name of my fav pad, but it was blue and black and resembled a Snes pad.

I also loved the joystick that came with my amiga, the one which you held in one hand, had the two fire buttons on its sides and had a small stick on top. I was mourning when it eventually broke.

I have to check out this Zip stick...
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Old 16 May 2002, 18:06   #39
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My favorite was the Sigma Ray by Logic 3. It had the best feel and control of any other joystick I've had. However, this thing was cheaply made, as the switches would keep going out on it.

Other than that, I really liked the Wico joysticks. Those things seemed to last forever!
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Old 19 May 2002, 19:16   #40
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The ultimate test of a controller? For me, Sensi. No need to shorten their life by smashing them up; the sheer amount of use they got (still get) ensured a steady turnover. The quest for the ultimate Sensi controller led me and my buds to try pretty much all of the ones mentioned so far in this thread. That elusive combination of comfort and endurance...

Most impressed by: Cruiser, Competition Pro Extra (diddy little thing), MegaDrive pads/Comp Pro CD32 Pad. Pads seem to last longer than sticks - less mechanical movement, I guess.

@sarek2k: It is possible to play Sensi with pads! Took ages to bring control with my left hand up to the standard of my right, but they are pretty similar these days. Why are pads left-handed, anyhow?

Least impressed by: Tac-2. Maybe I got a duff one, but that sucker fell apart on day one. As did the Konix Speedking.
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