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SPS torrent verification please... [missing files after old torrent download]

Firstly I am not asking for games!!!!!!
Recently thanks to assistance here on the forum, I was told that a torrent I had "found" with sps files would be sufficient for the Amiga gamebase, if I used a rom manager and the correct .dat file.

100% accurate !!!
however, I am missing (previously I was 1900+ shy of a collection) about 250 or so sps files.
The torrent (After rom manager'ing' and renaming using the batch files etc) also has a TON of other files that were not touched by the .dat file, and are surplus.
So, I am missing some SPS files, but have LOTs of other files that are not used (demo, magazine coverdiscs, [Addon], [Budget] etc etc.)???
I want to confirm the torrent is the correct one and that I should not be looking for a different one in order to complete my SPS collection.. This is the only thing missing from a complete Amiga Gamebase... (and only a couple of hundred files at that!)

The torrent filename is
Amiga - Sps Full Set - Tosec v2006.05.10 - 2216 games, addons, demos & coverdiscs.zip

I hope some kind soul can assist.
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Well you can see from the filename that that particular torrent is a fair few months old, so the 250 or so that you are missing would have come out afterwards.

The ones that weren't recognised by the GameBase dat are as you thought unused because they are different versions of games or not really addable as games because they are HD only etc etc.

Also you should make sure you've downloaded the SPS fills from http://gbamiga.elowar.com/files/Extras/
These aren't actually IPF's but are ADF's that are needed so that some of the SPS games work (bootdisks, save disks etc).
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I already had the sps fills there. (then I discovered the torrent afterwards..)
I will download the fills once again and see if some files were overwritten..
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Is there a 1.2 to 1.3 fills update file (SPS)

I did already have the 1.0 to 1.1 and 1.1 to 1.2 fills (just reapplied to make sure).
I cannot find a link for the 1.2 to 1.3 update however...

The dat file for 1.3 is available tho'
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