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HELP need correct modchip installation diagram for scph-1000 motherboard version PU-7

i have recently received a psx scph-1000 with a very first model motherboard PU-7.
This is the very first playstation with S-video port.

I bought it with the purpose of modding it with a modchip 12c508 multimode modchip, i have some older ones laying around here as well.
But nowhere on the web i can find a installation diagram of a UP-7 motherboard, i cant find information about it, but i realy need it modded primary purpose is so it will be region free so i can play my games on it.

If someone can help me find the correct solder points that would be awesome, i modded alot of consoles before so it wont go to waste!
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Cpt. Hindsight
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I guess your chances to find some help are way higher, if you post your question in a Playstation Forum.
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Originally Posted by Cpt. Hindsight View Post
I guess your chances to find some help are way higher, if you post your question in a Playstation Forum.
i tried a few till now , no answer, its so frustrating the diagram of PU-8 looks so much like the Pu-7 mainboard , just for one solder point, and there is power and ground and then like 2 wires for the function of the chip, and 1 is the same as Pu-8 but the other isnt, so im stuck, till some one can give me some alternative points or a Pu-7 diagram.
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Lemon Curry ?

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This looks like what you're looking for:

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This is the only PlayStation Mod Chip thread on EAB that I'm aware of, but it does have some useful information:
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I used to install these things back in the day... I have some info but finding it will be the challenge... I will try my best as I did keep alot of info about different boards, solder points etc. This was back when I still used my amiga for everything, I have a pair of cd-roms with my a1200 tower stuff backed up.
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thanks guys, all the info is welcome, really appreciate the help!

ElectroBlaster i hope you can find those documents, i will review the info i got from you guys, ill post back later on if i got it to work, i got it to force some ntsc-j backups, but the disc drive acts real weird, so think i got one signal wire right, but the other..

Again thanks for the help and keep the information comming thanks guys
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hey guys, i got it working, my mate JINN helpt me working out a installation diagram of the PU-7.
I still have a little weird problem, the chip seems to switch off after like 4 resets, or rondom restarts..
Realy weird, power and awg are both thick AWG and 1cm or maby even shorther, they do cross each other, does this matter much?

Here to share the diagram JINN made for me all credits go to him for helping me out and allowing me to share it.

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