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Ambermoon German Walktrough for download

I wasn't sure witch sub forum i have to choose for this. So i'm sorry if i do wrong. Maybe a nice mod can move if it's recommed. And anyway sorry for all mistake in my english too.^^

Ok here we are. I made an huge walktrough it's about 65 pages. There are many screenshots in it and some maybe you can call it hints and some infomartion wich are not needed to complete the game. Its more than an report how i finish the game in my way.

I know it's an english board and i bet most of you can't understand the hole thing but the screenshots would be helpful anyway i think.

You can feel free to translate it if you want. But don't cut the autor and homepage at the the end of the walktrough.

I wish everyone AIDS, cauncer and all other ugly desaes include this fine sexual transmitted ones, who cut these lines!


Have fun with it.

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Hi *BlackJack* and welcome to the EAB!

Thanks for your detailed walkthrough. Great work.

Ehhm...but I´m not sure about your wishes...
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Hello and welcome to EAB, *BlackJack*

Great, now I wonder who would translate this to english?
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Hi BlackJack and welcome to EAB
Just grabbed the version from cgboard this morning Nice work and hope you'll enjoy your stay here

Not me, not me...
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Hands up who want to translate it. *DigATunnelToDownUnderAndHide* ^^

Thanks for response. Whem i'm boring i maybe start an translation, but i'm not sure. Maybe someone can use bablefish to get an raw translation. Better an bad transaltion than no translation. Your choice.

By the way did someone know who to find "kerins" daughter on the green moon (its the first moon u visit with the two cities, don't know the english name). Theres a basment in (under?) the blacksmith. I know i have to dig trough the walls but i can't reach the ladder to get one lvl down. I see the exit on the Magic map but i can't get to this place. I know when i played it earlier i rescue the daughter but this time i stuck. Maybe a ingame bug or i'm the fool.^^
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You're the fool.
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alexh Dammit every time i had to be the fool. My life will never change.^^

Maybe somdeday i get boring and i do this translation. Nobody knows.

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