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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
There are some serial to ethernet converters around with built in PPP to ethernet firmware around. Maybe the solution lies in there, and is waiting for someone to test it and cash it.
Something like this?: http://lallafa.de/blog/amiga-projects/plipbox/

This guy's project is basically an Arduino-based bridge between the Amiga's parallel port and one such SPI serial Ethernet module. Looks very interesting!
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Originally Posted by rkauer View Post
There is a Brazilian guy called Victor Trucco that made a HxC counterpart that have write capability.

He also do lots of other boards for classic computers (cartridge emulators, test board for Spectrum, among other cool hardware).

Will contact him about the floppy emulator.
Originally Posted by rkauer View Post
Talking with Victor he told he sold the design to an European enterprise. It was the first floppy emulator that could write back to the SD. Pity...
Sorry to say this but :

1 - The "Victor Trucco" floppy emulator design is the HxC Floppy Emulator : He took all the HxC materials to make this floppy emulator :
[ Show youtube player ]
Este emulador foi baseado no projeto original de autoria de Jean Fran├žois Del Nero HxC Floppy Emulator

This emulator was based on original project from Jean Fran├žois Del Nero HxC Floppy Emulator
Very interesting to learn that my design was sold by someone else without my agreement...

2- The SD HxC Floppy Emulator is able to write to the SD Card from beginning and have the Amiga Write support since the revision C (2010).


22/08/2010: Firmware SD HxCFloppyEmulator v1.3.0.0
- Amiga Write support added :

Note to the Revision B PCB owners :

To activate this new features you need to add a Microchip 23K256 SPI SRAM chip and 4 resistors.
The connection to do is :

23K256 pin 1 -> 220ohms resistor -> PIC18F4620 pin 22
23K256 pin 5 -> 220ohms resistor -> PIC18F4620 pin 27
23K256 pin 6 -> 220ohms resistor -> PIC18F4620 pin 28
23K256 pin 2 -> 220ohms resistor -> PIC18F4620 pin 29
23K256 pin 8 & 7 -> VCC3.3V (this voltage can be found at the capacitor under the sdcard connector or at the output of the regulator)
23K256 pin 4 -> GND
23K256 pin 3 -> Not connected.

(a 100nF capacitor is also recommended at the pin 8 of the 23K256)

After this modification you should see the message "SRAM OK" at power up.

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I remember doing this mod from Rev.B to Rev.C based to your notes Jeff.
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Where exactly can one buy the SIMM ZIP RAM Adapter? Is it currently available for purchase from anyone?
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Originally Posted by aperez View Post
Where exactly can one buy the SIMM ZIP RAM Adapter? Is it currently available for purchase from anyone?
Try using the contact page at this site if you want one for A3000D: http://www.amigaworld.de/hardware/simm-zip-ram-adapter/
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For my A3000, I just purchased 16 mB of 70 ns fpm zip memory from quest components for a reasonable price.

is converting to simm memory better that what I have?
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dead link?

Originally Posted by gulliver View Post

This link seems to be down - is there an other one?
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great link - here it is at archive.org: https://web.archive.org/web/20171017....net/Indie.htm

this type of content would be better served on a wiki somewhere - maybe the eab one?
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Thank you Dalek!
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EDITED: oops, nevermind somehow missed the last 2 posts. Sweet! thought it was gone!
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Yeah, it would be nice to have a replacement - archive.org is fine for recovering old stuff but it can't be updated, or have broken images or links fixed. At the moment there are loads and loads of homebrew hardware projects available, right up to replacement motherboards. A Wiki somewhere would be a good option.
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