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Feature Request: PAL/NTSC flag

This is only really useful for playing games at the proper speeds, but I'd love to see a PAL/NTSC flag for HOL entries to indicate whether the game was made for PAL machines or NTSC machines.

Implementation should require minimal effort (new field in DB table, plus additional filter on frontend and admin area). The bulk of the work is determining whether a game was designed with PAL or NTSC in mind. We can make assumptions (eg. Bitmap Bros games are likely PAL), but is there a definitive way of knowing (something in the disassembly perhaps)?
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Some Bitmap Brothers games had NTSC versions

Games that had official US versions would be good flag

I do prefer alot of games in NTSC now days - Lotus 2 is too fast
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Originally Posted by Retro1234 View Post
Some Bitmap Brothers games had NTSC versions
Today I learned!

So PAL, NTSC, PAL+NTSC flags then
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Normally earlier titles were NTSC. And some games were released in NTSC and PAL variants. Most of the time if the game uses a "NTSC" screen mode. ie 320x200 it *should* work. But sometimes the coders were smoking crack cocaine and did not allow it to work on NTSC, even though it uses a 320x200 screenmode. All you can do is try them and see what happens!

Please keep in mind that on the WHDLoad versions, sometimes the coders did not test for this so the game may not work in NTSC mode even though the native original game or crack does.
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It's a nice request guys but who is actually going to spend the time testing all games / collating information and finally submit?

The HOL team are already over stretched / have enough on their plate

...also, can't imagine many "PAL" Amiga or emulator users really bothering.
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We recently created a quickmatch tag for overscan games, so do don't see a problem adding a tag for PAL/NTSC games as well.

There are a lot more overscan games than currently listed in HOL. So we would need some help to identify them. Same goes for the NTSC games - list the ones you know
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