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Could Only Happen to Me

I realy never know where to post general threads on this forum. Anyway as this is about the joy of working kit then I'll post it here. Feel free to move the thread.

Truly seriously this is my mornings adventure as posted on my own forum....


Continuing my hunt for lost kit and I have my list of items I need to find and these are ..

Dave’s A2000 with GVP
An older version Commodore 64
A working Amstrad CPC 464
Parnet cable

Anyway I knew I had a big tub of cables in the corner. The tub in question is lodged in the corner of the room in a stack that goes right up to the ceiling. In short a pig of a job. I removed carefully the two boxed A600s then the boxed CD32 and then the boxed Commodore Monitor. I began then to work through the tubs. To my joy a came across the GVP A530 Turbo 40MHz and got a touch sidetracked.

I hooked the GVP up to a A500Plus as it needed the later Kickstart and my goodness, booted into its own hard drive in an instant. The comment on SysInfo gives “Smell the Rubber”. CPU/MHz 68030 40-30 2mb graphics, 4mb other and a 80mb hard drive. ‘ Which was nice ‘

I then returned to the tubs and found the box of cables but no Parnet. Never mind. I decided to keep out the GVP and set too putting back the tubs. Whist perched up on the desk and after placing all the boxes back safe I decided to have a quick peek under the mountain on the left of the desk. I slowly pulled back the dustsheet and there to my surprise was an old style Commodore 64 and it works. But that was not all, for next to it was not one but two fully working Amstrad CPC464s. I’m not done... sitting below the 64 was.... Dave’s A2000 and I just couldn’t wait to fire up and like magic booted straight in complete with a mass of drives.. DH0, Dh1, ART, MUSIC, WORK, GAMES... all running on the 68030 ‘ Cowabunga ‘ On the Workbench screen there is also Run-It, Shell, Opus and Amigaguide. This has the GVP Series2 SCSI Zorro II. Plus the graphics slot filled.. how unusual especially with its own switch.

To top it off the 2000 was sitting on an Amiga 1000 that I kid you not I had no idea I owned. This sits on the floor at the moment waiting to be fired up.

So a bit of a failed morning really. No Parnet. I mean... what am I like ?

............... So I kid you not this is what is currently running in this house at this very moment.

An Amstrad CPC464 on its own green screen monitor. I have another working 464 leaning against the table.

An old style Commodore 64 running on a 1701 Commodore monitor and linked to a 1541-II external floppy. The machine sits on top of my C64C and I have two 1541-IIs plus two older style 1541's. All working. On top of the floppy is a plus/4 working.

In the workshop I have an A500 running complete with GVP A500-HD+ on a Phillips monitor.

Next to that is running a looped VidiAmiga anim on an A4000/040 on a 1081s. Next to that also running a VidiAmiga video loop is another A4000d/040 but this time using the PicassoIV on a Mitsubishi.

On the other desk is my beloved A1200 running a Blizzard Turbo and SCSI KIT to two external SCSI hds, CD and ZIP plus Power Computing XL drive and Microvitec Multiscan. Busy machine this and been running since 1993.. every day.

Upstairs and I have my A1200 tower running on an IIyima as it has the flicker fixer. Plus Blizzard Turbo etc. This is an old EyeTech tower that I built.

Next is a humble A4000d/030 which chuggs along as I check my mountain of disks and CDs.

In the back room I have the A500Plus running the GVP A530 Turbo 40MHz and next to this is the Amiga 2000 with the GVP 030 running. On the desk but not switched on I have another A1200 on a squirrel to CD player and an A600 with hard drive.

There is also a Spectrum+ and PS2 hooked up to the large TV.

There are no less than 15 A500s in this room lent against the stacks of boxed computers. And I have the other 500 with the 590 sitting idle on the floor next to 2 C128 desktop machines with the plastic handles and original monitor.... and they all work. I check them along with most of the kit when I can.

I guess I feel very lucky.... just need to check this 1000 out now before lunch and then plan the afternoons activities.

Thanks for reading.

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You posted this in the hardware support forum. Where is the request for Amiga hardware troubleshooting?
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@Akira - Perhaps scuzz needs some helping piling all those boxes back up!!

Great story, scuzz. And some nice kit. But where are the pics? You want bragging rights to such cool kit, you gotta provide photographic evidence
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