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Action Replay Codes (Multiple)

Hi, in this Thread i plan to post Action Replay codes or related things. (as long as i have time and inspiration to do it)

Ill start with the Elf, from Ocean:

Here are the Codes for the various aspects of the Elf game, from ocean.

Freeze the game, entering the Action Replay Cartride.



The first address, in this example 000214 is the starting point.

Type M214 and you will get our starting point. The screen should look something like this:

M 214
:000214 4F 4D 45 4E 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 OMEN............
:000224 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................

Im using Hexadecimal numbers (unless stated otherwise) in this document.

These are ingame addresses, may be useless in the Main menue, part from 1 or 2.

0218 - 
0219 - Cute Creature Shot, at $ff it increases the 218 (never see the bad ending ?!?!) - Note: i have not figured out how this works in combination with the address 0218 and the overall rating :/

021c - Herb - Stinking Toadflax
021d - Herb - Dripping Marshdrake
021e - Herb - Spiney Nutwert
021f - Herb - Purple Berry Grump
0220 - Herb - Wispering Bulbglove
0221 - Herb - Oozing Shumroom
0222 - Herb - Snapping Pitcher
0223 - Herb - Brown Horse Floot

0226 - Score the left 2 digits    (xx000000)
0227 - Score next 2 digits        (00xx0000) 
0228 - Score next 2 digits        (0000xx00)
0229 - Scrore the last 2 digits   (000000xx)

Score is stored in decimal numbers, so to change the score to 2550 you would write it as:

m 226
:000226 00 00 25 50

022b  Inventory Slot 1
022d  Inventory Slot 2
022f  Inventory Slot 3
0231  Inventory Slot 4

0234   Magical Force field ( How many potions have you buyed) 
0235   Magical Force field This decreases from $ff to 0, whenever it reaches 0 the value in 234 is decreased, and if 234 contains 0 then the force field will be turned off.
		If you use Cheat Engine, then set this to 255 and lock it, so you will always have a force field.

0236 - Flying 0 = off, 0-255 on (0-$ff) (With this you can Fly in the Levels where flying is disabled !)
0237 - Pets Collected
0238 - Cornelius behavior (does not change the appearance) 0 - Normal, 1 - Hero, 2 - Wolf
0241 - Health Value ( $5f equals full health which is decimal 95)

024c - Live Counter (1byte)

05e2 - Invicibility On (1)/off (0) (Used, for example for the magical force field or after respawn)

05f8 - Music $ff - Sfx $0						;Works only in the menue - else it crashes the game ! :p
05f9 - Guilotine Sequence on - $FF - Off $00

Useable Inventory numbers:   

LVL 1:
$7d - A set of False teeth
$7e - SpellBook (Old Foisty LEather Book)
$7f - Matches
$80 - Bag of Old Gold Coins
$81 - Blunt Axe
$82 - Sharpened Axe
$84 - Bird Seed
$85 - A Shiny Green Apple
$86 - Bird Feather 
$87 - Wooden Clothes Peg
$88 - Uncooked Chicken
$89 - Grilled Chicken
$8a - Old Newspaper
$8b - Apple Seed
$8c - A Badly Written Spell

$9f - A Stick of Dynamite
$a0 - Empty Oil Can
$a1 - A Can full of Green Oil
$a2 - A Gold Key embeded with Precious stones
$a3 - Intricately Carved Key
$a4 - A Pair of well worn boots
$a5 - A Wooden Cog
$a6 - Winding Handle
$26 - Magical Flute

LVL 4:
$94 - Password (A Piece of Paper)
$95 - A Pair of Boxing Gloves
$96 - A Small Dagger 
$97 - Gold Icon

LVL 5:
$ad - A Dual-Threaded, Cross-Headed, Retaining Rod
$ae - A Tri-Flanged, Cross-Over Limpet Screw
$af - Circular Free-Wheeling Wooden Roller
$b0 - A Centre Pivoted, Dual Conversion, Gas Release Enamel Handle
$b1 - A Dual Balled Flywheel
$b2 - A Double Ended, Free Moving, Chrome Plated, Pump Action Pison Barrel
$b3 - A piece of Paper with a very official Looking Watermark on the bottom
$b4 - An old bone, that looks thought it could be elfish
$b5 - A Roughly Hewn, Silver CROSS that oozes power
$b6 - A Tackly Belt from somewhere in the Mediterranean
$b7 - A Precious Jewel
$b8 - A Very Expensive Jewel
$b9 - An Extremly Fine Example of a Diamondic Carbonite Crystaline Structure 

LVL 6:
$b4 - A Pair of Pink Fluffy Ear muffs
$b5 - Ice Block
$b6 - A Mallet and Chisel
$b7 - Blow Torch
$b8 - Ice Crown
$b9 - Icicle
$ba - Castor Wheels
$bb - A Small Key
$bc - A Torn Piece of Paper with a Few Broken lines of Elvish Runes Scribbled on it
$bd - A Torn Piece of Paper with Elvish Runes Scribbled on it
$be - A Torn Piece of Paper with a Paragraph of Elvish Runes Scribbled on it
$bf - A Small Rubby Amulet
$c0 - A Magical Spell in Elvish runes, combined from $bc $bd $be

LVL 7:
$8b - Pork Pie
$8c - A short, Knobbily Stick
$8d - Smelly Socks

Lvl 8:
$98 - A Green Crystal 

All-Stars Inventory Items:

$23 - Auto Fire Bottle
$24 - Drink Me - Health Bottle ?
$25 - Plain Container with Worn out Label

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That's very thorough.
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Next is Amiga basic.

If you have played with it, you surely have found out, that you can save your programs as protected sourcecode.

This means that you can not edit it anymore.

Until now.

If you are using an Emulator and a Program like "Cheatengine" on windows system, then you can set the protection byte off. With this, your program becomes editable again.

First, startup the Emulation and Amiga Basic (v1.2 in this example)

Then launch up the Memory seeker program (Cheat Engine in this example) and select the Winuae process.

Change the Value Type to byte, and start scanning for the 0 as first scan.
After scanning is done, get into Amiga basic, and load your Protected program.

Type list to ensure that it can not be listed.
Back to Cheat Engine, enter a Decimal value of 244 and click on next scan.
Then Switch to Amiga Basic, and type NEW in the Basic output window.
Switch back to CE, and now search for 0 as next value.

The Only address which is left, should be what we are seeking for. Double click on it to add it to the Bottom list.
Now ensure that the Value number is still 0, and activate the Engine by clicking on the Square to the far left.

Load up your program in Amiga Basic, and type list to show the listing of it.
Now you are able to edit it or save it normaly, or as ascii code.

This address does not change until you close the AmigaBasic or Emulator.

Here is how you can use Action Replay (MK3) to seek for the address. (tested with A500 1mb config)

Start Amiga Basic

In the list window, type a word like "findme" (make sure it is the first word and at 1st line of the program, which is usually when you type in a new program)
enter the freezer and type
fs "findme"
the found address may look like c3752e

Enter following line with the above number:
? $c3752e-!462
you will get something like this:
%110000110111001101100000 = $c37360 =!0012809056
Load a protected program in amiga basic and enter the freezer and browse the found address with:
m $c37360
Change the F4 value to 00, by overwriting it and pressing enter:

:c37360 f4 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
Good luck !

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