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SuperSkidmarks CD32 update

Hiya Guys.

Wondered if anyone else is having hassles with SuperSkidmarks CD32 (or Skidmarks 2 for those who are inclined).

I did the WHDload update - it tries to run, get a black screen but returns to WB after a few seconds with 63k of chipram

So i grabbed the complete updated version from retroplay and found the exact issue occured. Snoopy don't tell me anything.

Running on Amiga 4000/3.9/2Chip/410Fast.

I noted the readme suggested a nocache option, so i added that to the icon and its the exact same issue, nothing changes.

Just me?

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Mantis bugreport is the way. But if whdload did not release mem it is partially a whdload issue. I'd say that you don't have enough memory for PRELOAD + the 8MB needed to load the different cars.


- Does the previous version act the same? (if you don't have it, whdload keeps previous installs)
- What is the whdload version used?
- Can you try without PRELOAD ?

I just re-tested the 8MB slave on my WinUAE install and it works great. Sounds like a whdload bug to me, given chipmem isn't released. Slaves don't have control over chipmem, only whdload does.

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Hey jotd - thanks for the info, luckily i tested most of this and have some info to write here, I'll look at the mantis thing and paste it there as well.

I tried it on my A1200 and it worked (new and old as the 1200 was not yet updated)

But on my 4000/060
The previous version will crash until i add the "NOCACHE" tooltype (No other changes) - then it loads and runs but the same trick won't get new version to run.

I'm using 18.4.5889 of WHDload.
EDIT: Required as i believe this fixed a bug i was having last year, but can't recall that exact issue, but was told to use this new BETA and it did fix an issue i was having.

I did try without preload as well, and exact same result.
EDIT: There is a make coredump option - would that be helpful?
EDIT: Incorrect - no coredump available, i think that was the previous version giving me that option before the nocache corrected the issue.

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