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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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- Twinworld : i just love this game, either on Atari ST, Amiga, CPC (not speccy and C64 versions, are horrible). This game is so cute, with a polished design, good music, and with original graphics. It's Deutsche qualitat in all its magic
- Navy Moves : a very straight forward game, hard but so pleasant to look at while playing, very detailed, with excellent sound FX and good enticing title music. The 2nd part is my preferate one, and it had a deep and cleverly done scenario, where you have to find the officials and kill them to get the codes in order to fail the whole submarine mission Icing on the cake is the end sequence where the hero arrive with the girls dancing, and he pull down his pants, all dick and balls out, ready to run after them (funny sequence )
- Volfied : a game with a very rich mechanics and background. Many things to discovery to make a lot of points, the many ways of killing the ennemies too. One of my favorite.
- Shadow Of The Beast : This game is excellent, but mostly for its atmosphere, music, and animations. The world it takes place in makes it not original, but it's so great, it makes you dream when you play it.
- Dune : A great great game. Perfectly balanced, the musics alone are a please-come-back-to-it. A real masterpiece, always enjoyable to play.
- Obitus : A underrated game to the special way of moving in the game, but otherwise so beautifully made, so atmospheric, it's always a pleasure to come back to it.
- Cannon Fodder 1 & 2 : extremely entertaining title. So funny and straight forward, it has always a little taste of go back to it too
- Lionheart : Same as beast, always a pleasure to come back to it due to the delicious world you evolve in. And the all realization is so great.
- Parasol Stars : Taito again. Very complex game mechanic, which give it some deepness, and the cute aspect also. Lovely.
- Rod-Land : same as PS. Cute, cute, cute, very well polished, music, graphics, playability, a great game
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Computer Nerd

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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Same here, for me this game is a masterpiece of clever level design and (almost) perfect UI.
I try to keep the plays spaced enough that I forget some of the puzzles and levels but alas with every play I remember more and more.
If you haven't already, check this thread: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=49830

It's about meynaf's DM port with custom dungeons and Chaos Strikes Back working. Very nice OS friendly version and some new, fun dungeons.
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Mrs Beanbag
Glastonbridge Software
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one thing i like about Deluxe Galaga is that you can rage quit and start again in about a second. this was also part of the design spec of Mr Beanbag.
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cheeky scoundrel
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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
- Obitus : A underrated game to the special way of moving in the game, but otherwise so beautifully made, so atmospheric, it's always a pleasure to come back to it.
Funny to see Obitus named. Did you ever finish it? I get so immensely lost in that game, I don't even think I finished a quarter of it :/

Technically an impressive game, it was the first time I saw something first person move without grid stepping. But back in the day I felt aimless in the game, just moving around trying to find an exit without knowing what the goal was.
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SSI gold box, pools of radiance. I must have played that game dozens of times, I really should get back to disassembling it some day and fix the bugs.
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Goal! is the game to me. Perfect gameplay. Nice graphics. I can play a quick single match when I got little spare time or a whole league when I got all evening. I can listen to radio or asmr audio while playing. I am so familiar with the controls that I can totally relax and let go.
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Computer Nerd

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Adventures of Lolo series on the NES. Needs to be converted to Amiga badly.
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I've always loved the following games extra much:
SWOS, Shadow dancer, Stuntcar racer, Moonstone and of course the Turrican series.
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The Settlers - perfectly conceived, layered and balanced, though seriously difficult after the first few levels. Civilization too, but mainly because Civ 2 won't work on my current PC and I never got into the later ones. Civ seems to have slightly flawed AI that you can only beat by 'cheating', in contrast to Civ 2.

Lotus 2 for the opposite reason that I've got to the last level but can't beat that.

Rainbow Islands, pure gameplay perfection with the right balance of risk and reward.

Lemmings - been playing it through again from the start, still a long way to go.

Also the obscure Jump 'N' Roll (originally with one of those German magazine+game things but I got it as PD from a coverdisk) - perfect for a quick go or two every now and then, though not the most complex game ever.
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Slamtilt - such an amazing all round game, great music and great gameplay

Roadkill - average game but the music and memories keep me going back

Pang - has to be one of the best games on the Amiga

Outfall - A licenseware puyo puyo clone, extremely addictive and the cpu can put up a decent challenge

Those are the main ones, they all happen to be games you can have a quick hour on without having to invest your life into them to enjoy and that's about all the time I get for gaming at a time these days.
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- It's a strategy game beyond it's time. I wander why there's no clones to this today, because it is definitely very playable by todays standards. Every new game is unique experience (and because of it, it somehow reminds me on Master of Orion 2 on PC (even it's not similar game)).
Nothing beats the pleasure of sending tons of missiles to enemy asteroid and watching his hard worked buildings collapses
Of course, you could get the same

I am planning to play Reunion again, when I have time (last time I've played it 15 years a go.. or so). I know it's an awesome game.

Other games include Pang, Shadow of the beast, Ruff 'n' tumble, Cannon Fodder.. etc
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Cannon Fodder, Syndicate and DooM for the Carnage
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Mrs Beanbag
Glastonbridge Software
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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
- It's a strategy game beyond it's time.
brilliant game! and i worked out how to hack the saved game files to give you loads of money... it's one game where cheating didn't take away the fun. actually it didn't even make it easy to win.
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Puttymoon inhabitant
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Thats absolutelly true, Mrs. Beanbag!!!
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I play Monkey Island 1&2, Simon the Sorcerer, Fate of Atlantic etc every few years. To me they are like a good film or book, if I leave it just long enough to forget some of the puzzles, I really enjoy playing them for the story, music etc as much as anything else.

In terms of 'Action' games I can fire up Pang, Lemmings, Out to Lunch, Morph, Aladdin, Cannon Fodder, Dynablaster etc if I have 10 minutes to kill and enjoy it.
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I keep firing it up and working on a level. It's got to the point where a level might take an hour of trial and error to beat, so I write the password for the next one down and switch off for a day or two.
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There's a lot of them, but the most irresistible games for me are:

Slam Tilt - best pinball game i've ever played
Cannonfodder - just for the intro, but i allways play an hour after that
the patrician - i like the music
BMP / BMH - We played them with the family back then, maybe it's just tradition
Supercars - both games, can't say why but when i start playing them, i can't stop
Lucas adventures - i'm all into those kind of games, and play them all again after some time. If you want a good modern one try deponia.

Last but not least two c64 games:
Montezuma's revenge - mainly because of the sound when the game starts.
Tom - what can i say, i'm masochistic sometimes. It's not really a good game.

EDIT_ BMP/H = Bundesliga Manager Pro /Hattrick
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*Shinobi (Arcade version on MAME) because its the best game ever :-)
*Kick Off 2 on Amiga because its more fun than FIFA16 ;-)
*TetrisDX on GameBoy Color because its the ultimate Tetris experience. ;-)
*CounterStrike on PC because it never gets old to shoot stuff with an AK47 ;-)
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Into the Wonderful

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Rainbow Islands - It has such great depth that I always feel I might see something new every time I play, and occasionally I do. It also has a great difficulty curve and I never feel cheated, but rather I failed because I suck! Also, I'm always trying to collect the gems in the correct left to right order to earn the permanent power up. Sadly never managed it.

Cadaver - Reached level 4 (of 5) years ago and it haunts me. I have a save state currently half way through level 3, so hopefully I'll be back to where I was soon and maybe finally beat Dianos.
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Some titles I`m coming back to these days:-

Chuck Rock II - Still amazes me how slick this game is, and the music alone is a good enough reason.

Ruff N Tumble - It has it's faults, but a great game with incredibly well crafted visuals, not to mention the cool soundtrack.

Auf Wiedersehen Monty (c64) - The perfect storm of nostalgia, great music and precision platforming. Doesn't matter I suck at it, just love playing it.

Joe Blade 2 - (spectrum) - Love me some Joe Blade, couldn't tell you why, think it's just nostalgia, from the days I played it over a friends house.
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