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Question Looking for my old game Mouse Impossible


Many years ago I wrote an Amiga game called Mouse Impossible. Just the other day my son and I were looking at some videos of Amiga games and demos, and reminiscing about the old days. I did a search on Mouse Impossible and it looks as if some people are aware of it.

From what I can see I could probably make it run again as an emulation on my Windows machine. The questions I have are:

Would there be a copy of it somewhere I could download it?

What is the best way to run it as an emulation?

As you can tell I am a day 1 newbie but any help would be very well received.

Also I would like to put it somewhere where people can get a copy if they want.


Steve Holt
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http://www.amiga-stuff.com/pd/assassins-games.html and you can find it here http://planetemu.net/?section=roms&d...owrom&id=19235
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Hi Steve, welcome to EAB!

In addition to the download links s2325 gave you, look at that: http://hol.abime.net/5388 your game made it to posterity

Actually that must be a wonderful feeling to see that your creation made it through til today, after years not thinking about it, I envy you!

As for your emulation need, please give a go to the Green Amiga Alien Guide:


This got me started in no time!

Just so you know, you will need original Amiga Kickstart ROMs for every Amiga machine you want to emulate, in order for the emulator to run. You either have to dump your own ROM's if you have a real amiga machine somewhere, or buy them from www.amigaforever.com, or use www.google.com

Have fun and please come back to tell us more about you and your amiga memories!
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Also check out the Amiga Power review...


...and the Amiga Computing coverdisk (page 23):

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wow, good ratings
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Thanks a lot for your help.

In the end used Amiga Forever just to get me going and got the game by download. It's amazing to see it after all this time!

Though I released it (on a cover disk) about 18 years ago I never knew until now that anyone ever played it, let alone enjoyed it. My development copy had an editor for the levels (just like the game, drag and drop but with plants and fishbowls). I have my old A500 at the bottom of a box somewhere, so I think I may just see if I can power it up and see if I can get something out of it. And some games which never saw light of day.

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Hehe you're welcome Steve.

Game necrophilia is a trait many people share on this board, so if you revive your old A500 and dig up unreleased games or anything else, you can be sure to find interested people in here!
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Old 11 November 2010, 16:27   #8
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I really loved this game when I was younger!

We had it on our familys Amiga 600 and I know that all our friends also had it! So much fun, played through all the 30 levels together with my brother!

Steve do you think I could have your e-mail adress (if you see this post)? I have a question regarding bringing this old game to life again

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Brilliant news! Another game author turns up, I love it when old amigans re-appear after all these years

Ive got that amiga computing coverdisk and magazine aswell, had it in my collection since day one!
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HA! I loved this game when I was a kid.

Thank you for creating it and damn you for stealing so much of my childhood!!
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since first posting... sdjh345jhg has

bought an A4000, upgraded the ram
installed an ACA1230 in his freshly retrobrit'd A1200
re-written most of his game code

in a recent interview at a copy-party, he stated... "Only Amiga Makes It Possible"

as Jesper Kyd ran off shouting "AAAAMMMMMMIGGGGGGAAAA"

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